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Cisco IP Phone 7942 don't start


Hello everybody,

I need your help about a 7942 phone. My phone can't update the firmware on my system. So after some tests i make a factory reset on it but now my phone is block. I see a screen with Cisco and nothing else. I see quickly a screen to make an upload but nothing more.

I have try to use Phone doctor application to know what append and i see this :

ERR 16:31:08.366700 IMG_AUTH: verifySignedFile(): file hash doesn't match hash in sig

ERR 16:31:08.367524 IMG_AUTH: verify: *** verify with current RELEASE 7942 (built-in) key failed ***

WRN 16:31:08.368134 IMG_AUTH: verify: *** no previous RELEASE platform key ***

ERR 16:31:08.368631 IMG_AUTH: verify: *** verify FAILED *** /dnld/term42.default.loads

ERR 16:31:08.369463 TLoad: imgAuth_vfy: ERROR: code 132: signature decryption/verification failed

ERR 16:31:08.375762 TLoad: Authentication *** FAILED *** code <132><-1>

My TFTP server is up and the term42 file is present on my server. I have others phone (7941) and they works fine. My server is in version

I can give more file/log if you need.

I wan't to know if somebody have an idea to solve this issue.

Really thanks in advance for your help.



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paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master

Search the forum as this is asked very often.

In short, you need to make sure you all the files available upgrade, and thta re before a certain release.

Hi Pablo,

Thanks for your help.

I have solved my problem himself but if you can explain to me i will appreciate that.

So i have use Phone Doctor to force my phone to download the firmware from CuCM v5 and that's works.

I think the problem was the download or the version of the file term42.default.loads beacause with the CuCM v6 or v7 the reset factory doesn't work but with the CuCM that's work fine.

My phone was in version SCCP42.8-3-2S.

I don't find where was the problem exactly but i have succeed to update my firmware.

Thanks for your answer Pablo.


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