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Cisco IP phone 7960 disconnects periodically


I have a cisco 7960 phone that sometimes the calls get disconnected in the middle of the call.  This the only phone having this issue and the funny part its worked fine in the last years.  The phone also has the same firmware as the other 7960 phones that are work fine which 9.3 version.  We have call manager 8.0. The phone never restarts it only disconnects in the middle of the call and not always those this happen.  What could be the reasons for this issue?


Cisco Employee

Hi Horacio,

Hi Horacio,

There is no easy way to track this issue, You will first have to get the below.

1) details CUCM traces for all nodes.

2) Calling \ Called party number.

3) Approximate time of discussion so that you can pull logs for minimum time, so they can grow bid in size if collected for long time.

4) User experience, is it happening  while doing something specific like hold \ resume transfer etc.

Now above is a relatively easy task, once you have above you would start looking at the traces which is the difficult part, below link would help you providing directions.

(Rate if it helps)


I'm using a hand free headset

I'm using a hand free headset that is plugged into to the desk phone. He says after the call gets disconnected the next new call that comes in goes to speaker.

Cisco Employee

Hello Horacio,

Hello Horacio,

Does the issue happen with a different headset or using handset?

Please provide console logs and CUCM traces of the issue.

Best regards,

Rafael Rada

Cisco Employee

Hi Horacio,

Hi Horacio,

I would like to get more details regarding the issue:

- Is it happening with calls using headset, handset, speaker?. I ask because sometimes headsets can cause this behavior.

- Is it ramdonly o it happens on every call after the same time?

- I would ask for console logs and CUCM traces during the issue.

Link of how to get these logs:



Best regards,

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