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Cisco IP Phone CP-8961 - Setup Difficulties

Hi There,


I'm quite new to using Cisco equipment and have tried to setup and configure my new IP phone, unfortunately without luck so far....



According to the administration guide for this model, I need to download the Cisco Unified Communications Manager, which I located on the Cisco downloads page. However, I'm not able to download anything as there is no download button when I'm logged into my Cisco account. It's as if I don't have the correct privileges to access the software.


All I'm trying to do is setup a VoIP service on the phone.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! :)

Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master

Communications Manager is a licensed application that you will need to buy user licenses for in order to use it. Having CUCM installed will not allow you to make external calls as you will need PSTN connectivity to you telco provider which will require Cisco router GW or CUBE.  Perhaps if you only have 1 or couple phones you might be better off connecting these phones directly to cloud based provider, there are many of those out there. If you insist on installing CUCM you will need to order it via Cisco authorized re-seller since you cannot download bootable media from Cisco even if you have proper download permissions for he product. Then you will need to review applicable documentation such as install guide, admin guide, features guide, etc.

Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

What kind of business is this phone going to be used for?
What firmware is the phone operating on?
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