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Cisco IP Phone Red Light on Mute Button


Dear Team, 
Am facing an issue with my IP Phone 8841, the phone not booting up and its shows red light on the mute button. 
I have recently two phone under smartnet with similar problem, can anyone advise what could be the reason to occur this boot issue. All the reported phones are connected on the same switch and same CUCM. 


Appreciate your kind advise. 

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Accepted Solutions

Sadav Ansari
Enthusiast Enthusiast



If phone not booting up and stuck on upgrading or blank screen and the speaker/Mute/line button flashing constantly red colour max of the time issue suspected on hardware. 
In this case phone having bootstrap loader issue which means phone unable to download firmware which stored on flash memory of IP Phone for initialising hardware and software of ip  phone.


So raise RMA for this phone as already suggested by @Nithin Eluvathingal  if you have valid contract with Cisco.


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Kindly raise a TAC case TAC team definitely provide to you proper solution for your issue.


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Nithin Eluvathingal
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VIP Mentor

 Most probably it could be a device issue. If you have a valid smart i would suggest to raise RMA you get it by NBD. if its a new delivery less than 90 days, you can even Claim DOA.

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Thank for the reply. 
The phone is under RMA, i have initiated RMA request. 
my query is there any chances happening these kind of issue because am getting the same issue to more phones this is third phone having the same problem in 2 month time {all these phones are connected on same Cisco 2960 Switch. }

 Open a case with TAC and report this issue. They will be able to  do more diagnostics. 



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