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Cisco IP Phone registration fail

Nguyen KeThuc

Hi all,

Now, We are using Cisco UCM version ( one Publisher and one Subscriber). If IP Phones (SCCP) register with the Subscriber,

registrations are failed with "Rejected" status ( in CUCM admin webpage). I collected trace files and saw that:

13:57:04.562 |GenAlarm: Push_back offset 635 seq 635|*^*^*

13:57:04.562 |StationInit: (0000000) StationEnhancedAlarm; alarm name=LastOutOfServiceInformation|9,100,50,1.2727^^*

13:57:04.563 |LastOutOfServiceInformation -  Information related to the last out-of-service event  Device Name:SEPe8b748ee9747 Device IPv4 Address: IPv4 default gateway: Model Number:CP-6921 Neighbor IPv4 Address: Neighbor Device ID:Mainsite-Sw-Voice-05 UNKNOWN_PARAMNAME:NeighborIPortID:e33 DHCPv4 Status:1 TFTP Configuration Status:1 UNKNOWN_PARAMNAME:DNSStatusCUCM1:4 UNKNOWN_PARAMNAME:DNSStatusCUCM2:0 UNKNOWN_PARAMNAME:DNSStatusCUCM3:0 UNKNOWN_PARAMNAME:DNSStatusCUCM4:0 Voice VLAN:12 UNKNOWN_PARAMNAME:CUCMIPAddress: Local Port:35716 Time Stamp:1340002558 Reason For Out Of Service:24 Last Protocol Event Sent:0x1 Last Protocol Event Received:0x9d App ID:Cisco CallManager Cluster ID:StandAloneCluster Node ID:MainSite-Sub1|AlarmSEPe8b748ee9747^*^SEPe8b748ee9747

13:57:04.563 |StationInit: (0000000) InboundStim - StationRegisterMessageId [Normal Device priority]: |9,100,50,1.2728^^*

13:57:04.563 |Processing StationReg. regCount: 1 DeviceName=SEPE8B748EE9747, TCPPid = [], IPAddr=, Port=35717, Device Controller=[9,51,630]|9,100,50,1.2729^^SEPE8B748EE9747

13:57:04.564 |getMaxCallForDeviceFromModel: ProductSupportsFeature table entry for model 495 and feature SUPPORTS_FEATURE_MULTIPLE_CALL_DISPLAY  has deviceprotocol = 0 maxcalls = 4|*^*^*

13:57:04.564 |StationD:    (0000630) wait_register_StationRegister - Check MAC address & protocolVer & Call Limit (mac=E8B748EE9747, protocolVer=0x85702014, limit=4)|9,100,50,1.2729^^SEPE8B748EE9747

13:57:04.564 |CcmdbStationRegistrationProfileBuilder::getBasicRegistrationProfile::init() - failed rc(3)|*^*^*

13:57:04.564 |Auto Registration Stored proc - execute procedure DeviceAutoReg_cmsp('SEPE8B748EE9747',495,0,'1643d0fa-4710-4ce9-99fb-da27c10123d2')|*^*^*

13:57:04.577 |AddDevice returns Error: Autoregistration disabled|*^*^*

13:57:04.581 |-->RISCMAccess::DeviceTransientConnection(...)|*^*^*

13:57:04.581 |Device Transient deviceName : SEPE8B748EE9747, IPAddress :, IPv6Address : not shown, IPv4Attribute :3, IPv6Attribute :0, Protocol : 1|*^*^*

13:57:04.581 |DebugMsg deviceName : SEPE8B748EE9747, DeviceType : 495, risClass: 1|*^*^*

13:57:04.581 |EndPointTransientConnection - An endpoint attempted to register but did not complete registration Connecting Port:2000 Device name:SEPE8B748EE9747 Device IP address: Device type:495 Reason Code:29 Protocol:SCCP Device MAC address:E8B748EE9747 IPAddressAttributes:3 LastSignalReceived:DbStationAutoRegisterErr StationState:auto_register App ID:Cisco CallManager Cluster ID:StandAloneCluster Node ID:MainSite-Sub1|AlarmSEPE8B748EE9747^*^SEPE8B748EE9747

13:57:04.581 |<--RISCMAccess::DeviceTransientConnection(...)|*^*^*

13:57:04.581 |ProcessDb - ERROR initializing_DbStationAutoRegisterReq - addDevice failed|9,100,50,1.2729^^SEPE8B748EE9747

13:57:04.581 |StationD:    (0000630) Error, auto_register_DbStationAutoRegisterErr|9,100,50,1.2729^^SEPE8B748EE9747

13:57:04.581 |StationD:    (0000630) registrationError sent StationOutputRegisterReject|9,100,50,1.2729^^SEPE8B748EE9747

13:57:04.581 |StationD:    (0000630) RegisterReject text='Error: DB Config'.|9,100,50,1.2729^^SEPE8B748EE9747

13:57:04.603 |StationInit:   TCPPid = []Socket Broken. DeviceName=SEPE8B748EE9747,IPAddr=, Port=0x8b85, Device Controller=[9,51,630]|9,100,50,1.2729^^SEPE8B748EE9747

13:57:04.603 |Closing Station connection DeviceName=SEPE8B748EE9747, TCPPid = [], IPAddr=, Port=35717, Device Controller=[9,51,630]|9,100,50,1.2729^^SEPE8B748EE9747

13:57:04.603 |virtualAllocatedSize - invoking reseizecallback function  |*^*^*

13:57:04.603 |StationD:    (0000630) stopDevice - Not stopping, device was never started.|9,100,50,1.2729^^SEPE8B748EE9747

13:57:06.111 |MmmanService - ERROR  Too many calls to decrementTotalNumberOfRegisteredCallingEntities, Already at zero.|*^*^*

13:57:06.591 |StationInit:   TCPPid = [] StationCloseReq received: output|9,100,50,1.2729^^SEPE8B748EE9747

13:57:18.493 |wait_B2BLinkQualityTimer - Started|9,100,131,1.1^*^*

But, If I let the IP Phones register with the Publisher, it is fine. Anyideas for me?



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Hi Thuc,

How is your DBreplication status. You can use CLI to find it.


Ronak Patel

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Hi Ronak Patel,

The DBreplication status:

admin:utils dbreplication status

-------------------- utils dbreplication status --------------------

Replication status check is now running in background.

Use command 'utils dbreplication runtimestate' to check its progress

The final output will be in file cm/trace/dbl/sdi/ReplicationStatus.2012_06_20_17_07_54.out

Please use "file view activelog cm/trace/dbl/sdi/ReplicationStatus.2012_06_20_17_07_54.out " command to see the output 

admin:file view activelog cm/trace/dbl/sdi/ReplicationStatus.2012_06_20_17_07_54.out



g_mainsite_pub1_ccm8_5_1_10000_26    2 Active   Local           0               


admin:file view activelog cm/trace/dbl/sdi/ReplicationStatus.2012_06_20_17_07_54.out



g_mainsite_pub1_ccm8_5_1_10000_26    2 Active   Local           0               


No Errors or Mismatches found.

Replication status is good on all available servers.

utils dbreplication status output

To determine if replication is suspect, look for the following:

        (1) Number of rows in a table do not match on all nodes.

        (2) Non-zero values occur in any of the other output columns for a table

command failed -- undefined  replicateset  (11)

Error Details:

        The specified replicate name does not exist.

        Following are the ways to correct it:

options: q=quit, n=next, p=prev, b=begin, e=end (lines 1 - 20 of 24) :

        1. Define the specified replicate and re-issue the command.

        2. Specify an existing replicate name. You can use the command

           \"cdr list repl\" to find existing replicates.

end of the file reached


So,the DBreplication is ok. Anyideas for me?



Do you have auto registration enabled on your cucm group? If you do and your subscriber is the first server in the group then you need to enable auto registration on the subscriber.

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Hi Aokanlawon,

I don't use auto registration. So now, I will try reinstralling the subscriber.



I would try and add phone manually first as well as check your licensing to make sure you have enough DLU's left. Reinstalling the subscriber is drastic.

You could also enable auto registration but limit the devices ability thru the CSS.


Hi Mike,

I don''t think it is license issue. Because the IP Phones still register with the publisher properly.




From traces, I can see auto-registration disabled as you said, however, the phone is trying to use auto registeration. This means that the phone isn't present in CUCM DB. Also, the error posted from CUCM to phone is "RegisterReject text='Error: DB Config'" as per the traces.

The confusion that you are saying its working on publisher and your DB replication is ok.

Can you please try removing the phone and readding it. Make sure that you are matching phone model and MAC correctly.

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I also try removing the phone and readding some IP Phones. But, It is not helpful.




Please send us screen shot of the services running in subscriber.


Ronak Patel

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AutoRegisterDBError - Auto-registration of a device failed because auto-registration is not allowed for the device type or because an error occurred while adding the auto-registering device to the database (stored procedure).

Note that if Unified CM is in mixed mode (System > Enterprise Parameters > Cluster Security Mode = 1), auto-registration is not allowed and the device must be configured manually.

If you are not planning to auto-register phones, either manually configure the phone (Device > Phone > Add New), power the device down, or remove it from the network. and try it again

If you are attempting to auto-register this phone, verify that the cluster is not in mixed mode (System > Enterprise Parameters > Cluster Security Mode = 1) and verify that auto-registration is enabled on the node to which this device is registering (System > Cisco Unified CM > ensure that the Auto-registration Disabled... checkbox is not checked).

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Nguyen,

I think your subscriber is not talking to the publisher, your dbreplication should ideally have two entries one for the pub and the other for the sub.

on the cli of the pub run the following command show tech network hosts ( it should have the entries of the pub and sub).

Do the same on your sub.

if all is good above, run utils network host (hostname, ip add, fqdn if any) on both the pub and sub

e,g, on the PUB run utils network host pub ip

                                 utils network host sub ip

Repeat the same for hostname and fqdn if any on the PUB and SUB.

Once that is good

run a utils dbreplication stop on the subscriber, once that is complete'

run utils dbreplication stop on the publisher.

Once complete run utils dbreplication reset all from the pub.

Hope this helps. 

Suresh Subramanian
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Rising star

Hi Thuc, we are facing similar issue with our cucm 8.6.2. may i know how you fixed the issue?

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Hi, I had the same problem.

I found some records in DB by running run sql select * from device:




It was a problem and I decided to delete them by running run sql delete from device where pkid = 'pkid'.

After that I resolved problem.

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