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Cisco IP Phones not registering in Call Manager


We have two Cisco Call Manager(Publisher & Subscriber). All the phones associated with subscriber are working fine no problems. Some of the phones that are associated to Publisher they are not registering with it. I don't know what is wrong with this. I restarted both Publisher and subscriber. Restared tftp server. We are running call manager 5.0. Most of these phones are 7911. I did change their version from SCCP11.8-3-2S to SCCP11.8-3-4S cause the time was 1 hour ahead this solved the problem. After few days they stop working and when I changed one of the phone back to it's old firmware it started working but again time is 1 hour ahead of normal. Can any one help me in this please? Thanks.


hi ...

when you say ( Some of the Phones that are associated to publisher they are not registering with it )

do you mean they go to register with the subscriber or they just circuling around like crazy ??

you may need to check the cisco call manager groups in you ccm

make one group for registering with the subscriber

make another group to register with the publisher

configure these groups in your device pools - to select which register with pub or sub

i think this might help the issue

let me know what happen ... ok




Thanks Uday for your reply...

In  our office we have two buildings phones in one building belong to  Publisher and phones in other building belong to Subscriber. There are  mostly 7911 phones in Publisher are not working. When you power on the  phone it says Upgradding........and the says error. After this it does  not do any thing. When I took the phones to other building and connect  it to the port there it did the firmware upgrade and then got registered  to Publisher. In the end i tool the phone back to the old place and it  starts working. I don't understand why could be the issue? I also  installed the firmware in call manager Publisher for 7911. SCCP11.8-3-2S  restarted the tftp no use.. ny ideas bout this?? Thanks.


1- check the firmware version on both ( pub + sub ) are the exactly match ????

be very carefull about every thing in this the 7911 has nine files for it's complete firmware

2- check the dhcp in the first building ( what tftp ip it give to the phones ) ?

i'll keep checking the page  when i can for your responce



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