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Cisco IPC Phone trying to initiate a transfer.


I have a user that toggles between remote and onsite.  She has the same problem in both environments.   She will be on an active call talking with a customer.  Quality is good....however intermittently she has an issue where the IVR operator butts in and states "you did not enter enough digits" and the customer hears 2 seconds of hold music.  What is happening is Cisco is seeing her try to initiate a transfer by pressing *8.   But......she is not doing this physically...I find it hard to believe that her voice is emitting DTMF tones...and I cannot figure this one out.  RFC2822 is disabled and she uses a constant G711 codec.  Is there any CIPC setting I can look into OR should I throw this onto local support to have her PC examined? She does have types of headset for her CIPC.  One is Bluetooth and the other is wired, with both headsets giving her the same issue (intermittently).  I was wondering maybe if multiple headset drivers could possible be causing this.  Anyone ever see something like this??

CIPC Version 8.6.5

CUCM Version 11.5

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Jaime Valencia
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Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

You'd have to look at the traces from CUCM and whatever you use as IVR to find out what they think is going on.



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We use a Verizon application as a third party IVR.  I contacted their advanced routing team and they see the exact same thing.  Their statement was since she is a female agent with an accent her voice is emitting DTMF tones and they recommended that we change *8 as transfer so something a little farther apart in the keypad area.  I find it hard to believe that her voice emits DTMF tones intermittently not to mention I cannot recommend an enterprise wide change for a "one" off based issue only reported by one user.

That's quite amusing to be frank. A human speaking 2*dual tones at the same time and that to intermittently.
Like Java said, we need CCM trace to look into it. If CCM is initiating a transfer, it should be receiving something relevant.
Nipun Singh Raghav
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