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Cisco IPphone rebooted itself


We have a few Cisco 7965 phones that tends to reboot on its own. it rebooted when user on the phone and the call was dropped.

We suspected the phone renew its IP that caused the phone to reboot.  Does anyone have similar issue? The DHCP lease is set to expire in 3 days.


George Thomas

Hi Mark,

Highly doubt a DHCP lease renewal will cause the phone to reboot. I would check the switch side to see if the switch is healthy. What firmware version are you running?


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Please do check the CDP Timer on your Switch

cdp run

cdp adv2

cdp timer 60

cdp hold 180


I will agree with George on this.  


  • However, I would like to ask if you can shed some light with a few questions: 
  • What is providing power to the phone?  A power brick?  A power injector?  PoE switch? 
  • If PoE switch and the switch is by Cisco, can you specify the EXACT model number? 
  • Can you also try to run a TDR on the switch interface?  The commands are:
    1. Command:  test cable tdr interface <BLAH>; 
    2. Depending on the model of the switch (see link posted), you'll need to wait for 5 to 7 seconds if you are using 2960 or 3750; 
    3. Command:  sh cable tdr interface <BLAH>; and
    4. Post the output to #3.

The phone is on a power brick and the phone is connected to a Juniper switch

Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

Check the Juniper switch data sheet.  A lot of switch manufacturers nowadays (including Juniper) support TDR.  



Get the phone status messages and debug display from the phone URL, also you can collect the syslog from the RTMT which will be clearly shows the reason for the phone reboot. Then based on that you can start troubleshoot further.

Under network statistics, it said "|initialized'



|2,100,50,1.127624930^^SEP8478ACE7B3BF |[R:N-H:0,N:0,L:0,V:0,Z:0,D:0] BuiltInBridgeControl(2,212,17201) SsType=0 Partition= Number=b00221217201001 DialPlan= StatIndex=67460664
101835177 |2014/04/22 13:02:45.213 |100 |SdlSig-I  |PropagateLocationTbl                   |wait                           |LocationsManager(1,100,155,1)    |LocationsManager(2,100,155,1)    |                                         |[R:H-H:0,N:0,L:0,V:0,Z:0,D:0] cdcc(2,100,199,164449)ACTION_TYPE = RELEASE_BANDWIDTH
101835178 |2014/04/22 13:02:45.302 |100 |SdlSig    |DeviceEventReceiptMonitoringTimer      |wait                           |StationInit(1,100,50,1)          |SdlTimerService(1,100,3,1)       |1,100,55,14.1^*^*                        |[R:H-H:0,N:0,L:0,V:0,Z:0,D:0]
101835179 |2014/04/22 13:02:46.085 |100 |SdlSig-I  |DMRemoteDeviceRegisterUnRegister       |initialized                    |DMPropagation(1,100,192,1)       |DMPropagation(2,100,192,1)       |2,100,131,1.1^*^*                        |[T:N-H:0,N:0,L:0,V:0,Z:0,D:0]  Count=1 Transaction Id=16810042
101835180 |2014/04/22 13:02:46.936 |100 |SdlSig    |ReapOldTokenRegistrationsTimer         |wait                           |SIPStationInit(1,100,58,1)       |SdlTimerService(1,100,3,1)       |1,100,55,14.1^*^*                        |[R:H-H:0,N:0,L:0,V:0,Z:0,D:0]
101835181 |2014/04/22 13:02:47.315 |100 |SdlSig-I  |



In the RTMT > go to Syslog viewer > Select the Node where the phone got registered > click on the Application Logs

Now you can able to see all the logs, find the exact logs related to the phone reboot, see the sample log for reference.

ccm: 10601: <CUCM HostName>: Apr 21 2014 14:47:15.316 UTC : %UC_-3-LastOutOfServiceInformation: %[DeviceName=SEPMACADDRESS][DeviceIPv4Address=<Phone IP>/22][IPv4DefaultGateway=GATEWAY IP][DeviceIPv6Address=][IPv6DefaultGateway=][ModelNumber=CP-6941][NeighborIPv6Address=][NeighborIPv4Address=Switch IP][NeighborDeviceID=Switch HostName][UNKNOWN_PARAMNAME:NeighborIPortID=FastEthernet3/9][DHCPv4Status=1]
  [DHCPv6Status=1][TFTPCfgStatus=1][UNKNOWN_PARAMNAMENSStatusCUCM1=4][UNKNOWN_PARAMNAMENSStatusCUCM2=0][VoiceVLAN=20][UNKNOWN_PARAMNAME:CUCMIPAddress=CUCM IP][LocalPort=35602][TimeStamp=25][ReasonForOutOfService=16][LastProtocolEventSent=0x0][LastProtocolEventReceived=0x0][ClusterID=CLUSTER id][NodeID=CUCM HostName]: Information related to the last out-of-service event



ReasonForOutOfService value will show you the exact reason why the phone rebooted


Check and let me know



This is what I got from the syslog


      89621: USNYC1CCL02 Apr 22 2014 17:02:43 UTC : %UC_CALLMANAGER-6-StationConnectionError: %[DeviceName=SEP8478ACE7B3BF][ReasonCode=8][ClusterID=StandAloneCluster][NodeID=USNYC1CCL02]: Station device is closing the connection


: 89622: USNYC1CCL02 Apr 22 2014 17:02:43 UTC : %UC_CALLMANAGER-3-EndPointUnregistered: %[DeviceName=SEP8478ACE7B3BF][IPAddress=][Protocol=SCCP][DeviceType=436][Description=Rose Zory][Reason=6][IPAddrAttributes=3][CallState=9138-active10][ClusterID=StandAloneCluster][NodeID=USNYC1CCL02]: An endpoint has unregistered

and i saw "Initiated" under Network Statistics.

I looked up the "reason code" it said

Most common reason codes are 6,8,9 and 13.

Connectivity error- is usually due to network glich. We should check the switch configuration and errors on switch port.

Keepalive timeout- could be due to lot of CTI requests to CUCM due to which keepalive messages are not reaching to the CM box. In order to check this, get sniffer capture from CUCM interface.

Call Manager Reset- Someone has reset the phones through web GUI. In order to check the culprit, analyze audit logs from RTMT, it will show you the user ID of the person who logged in during the time phones were reset.

Device Initiated Reset- It suggests that ip phones are resetting by themselves. There could be number of reason for such an issue, such as IP address lease timeout. Get console logs of ip phone to check what happened.




- Cisco 7965

- Getting power using Power brick

- Connected with Juniper switch

 - reboots during the call (Phone and UCM will not initiate reboot during a call)

Disable the DHCP in the phone and manually assign a free IP, Mask, Default Gateway and TFTP address.

Lets monitor the same for a while to address the issue,

if still rebooting again issue with the switch not with the DHCP / Phone / UCM.

if not no issues with the Switch / Phone / UCM and issue with DHCP.



Please follow what nagarajan4764  said


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