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CISCO is Awful


I don't know anything about IP-Phones. we have more then 20 CISCO 7940 and learned to configure them manually.

now there's problem with some of them:

1- some of them reset themselves during configuration or after configuration, and after reset, I have to configure again and again and... 

2- some of them after configuration: if I turn them off and then on, I have to configure them again (turning off means reset factory in this situation).

3-some of them after confutation wont connect to the server and I have to wait 2 or more days then it will connect to the serve. (I don't know how its happen but it happen).

4-one of them now showing "TFTP File not found" on the screen and Setting button not working. (that's new one).

5-i don't know anything about firmware configuration and don't know why this problem happens. I think I am living in 1950 because everything about so confusing and hard. also there's no video or topic or anything that could help someone like me.

I don't know why it should be so hard to solve this problems. why there no easy ways to do...

6-the support of CISCO is most awful that I've ever seen.


first of all no one said it must be free

second i know these are old phone and there's reason why we are using these.

third its not your business that what I'm doing here or why we are using this old phones.


James Hawkins

Well done to those he responded to the OP with patience and dignity. Let's hope he has solved his problems

For interest Issabel seems to be based upon Asterisk 

Their web site has a forum where the OP might have got some help.

The link below discussing using Cisco phones with Asterisk might also have been useful 

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