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Cisco Jabber Audio Issues

I'm looking for some help with an issue that has come up.

Some VPN users that are using Cisco Jabber to answer calls are reporting that they are either unable to hear the person on the other end of the call, or that person can't hear them speaking.


I called one of the users and they could hear me, but I couldn't hear them. The weird thing is that I was talking to them via Microsoft Teams chat at the same time, and I could hear the audio ding of my message being received. I also had them play a Youtube video and I could hear the video loud and clear. I thought I could also hear typing on a keyboard, but it is difficult to say for sure I did. It's like Jabber is passing me the computer audio, and not the headset. 

They all report that the headset and that works perfectly fine via Microsoft teams for meetings and what not, but the issues with CIsco Jabber calls.


Any ideas for settings to check?


1 make sure they are not using Jabber via remote audio.  I have found that running Jabber on a PC that you are RDP'd to and using the headset on your local PC causes sporadic audio issues.  In other words Jabber must be running on the same PC the headset is connected to, not in an RDP session.  As far as I can tell remote audio and Jabber do not work consistently.

2 ensure that the Jabber audio is configured correctly for microphone and speaker

3 ensure that the PC audio setting are not muted or volume is down

4 ensure that Jabber has the appropriate microphone privacy settings on the PC and is allowed

5 make sure the headset is set under PC sound settings as the default communications device

6 make sure that the output and input PC sound settings are for the correct device (headset)

I have found #1 to be the most common issue

Someone posted this site as a way to test home Internet connection for latency, jitter and packet loss.  They will probably need to test without VPN as allowing inbound pings are required for a result.

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