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Cisco jabber for windows certificate error

Youssef Aoufi


Hi guys ,


Today i am unable to login to my Jabber account.


Iam using Cabber for Windows 10.6 , it was working fine for ages.


Please find in attachment the error message.


Thanks in advance




Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Maybe certificate is not valid anymore? (passed a date)





It's not the case.

Many other users are able to login using the same certificates.

The fact is that i am able now to loging using any version of J4W previous than 10.6

Any ideas?

Yes I'm having the same issue since yesterday.

All of a sudden, just after the Jabber client upgrade, all the Jabber deployment sank and nothing works so far.


Hey Cisco, I'm angry !

This is not sweet to harden the Certificate verification process.
Many companies (as well as contact centres) use Cisco Jabber as their primary phone.

And here all the IP Telephony platform just collapsed...

Hi guys,


I managed to resolve the login problem.

Once i disabled FIPS mode on my Windows 8.1 PC , i was able to login using jabber 10.6.X versions.

US Federal Government Requirements

  • FIPS 140-2 - You can use Cisco Jabber for Windows in compliance with FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard, Publication 140-2) to ensure compliance with the standards for information security and encryption. When you set your Operating System to run in FIPS mode, Jabber detects FIPS mode and also runs in it. For more information, see the Security chapter in the Cisco Jabber 10.6 Planning Guide.



i used the same workaround.

i also signed the server certificates with an internal CA, but the issue is still there.

Is there a way to get jabber working with FIPS enabled?




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