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Cisco Jabber MRA Roaming Wifi Cellular network Issue


Hello Everyone,


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Guys we have a client facing a roaming issue with jabber when he roams from wifi to 3g and vise versa the call issue was reported and tested on version 11.5 su10 latest with expressway version x12.7 latest, Call is dropped or freeze we tried both jabber and webex client, Cisco Tac said this is resolved in version 14 su1 but we have a person from a 3rd party company saying he was able to resolve it at this same customer “don’t ask me why it’s not working if he resolved it”, If you use vpn this issue doesn’t occurs which explains that if the source public ip doesn’t change the problem doesn’t happen, Anyone face this issue, heard of it or was reported by any of our customers, Can someone test their cluster, keeping in mind that while roaming from 3g to wifi you should turn off cellular data because if you keep it on it will work over cellular while being connected to wifi





I recommend that Wireless engineers review the configuration of their controllers, in turn one more test may be that the same test is done but this time connecting to the Wi-Fi of a home network to see if it also fails in that scenario, it has happened to me scenario similar and wireless engineers have configured the controller.





Lets try to understand your issue clearly first.

While a user is on call via Jabber, and your connection switches from WiFi to 3G/4G or vise versa. In this case, there is a complete realignment of the IP Connectivity and its next to impossible to get a seamless changeover (roam). You got to give it a few seconds for the connectivity to be restored.

In second case, if Jabber is just registered (with no call) and you have a change in the network (3G/4G<-->WiFi), it would take few seconds to restore the Green Ticks and get back to service.

In both the cases, an interruption is imminent.



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