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Cisco UC and Skype for business integration ??

Hello everyone,


I am wondering if Cisco UC and Skype for business(Cloud) integration is achievable... I assume that a few features could be accomplished,  such as 

. audio conference - the end user could dial in conference via Skype & local PSTN ( this is part of UC system) ;  

. intersite calling   - extension to extension;              


I understand this topic could be covered by Skype as well...still, if anyone could share your thoughts /experience on this, it will be highly appropriated. 

Best regards,





For integration between Skype cloud (O365) and Cisco UC, you have to have either Skype for Business on premise or Skype CCE (Cloud Connector Edition). I don't have list of features which will work with this integration but you can refer following link for more information on Skype CCE.

- Vivek


HI Guys,

HI Guys,

I have an interesting scenario my customer has a single centralized single CUBE serving calls for 100+ sites (8500+ DIDs). They are moving away from CUCM to SFB online with CCE (Cloud Connector Edition). They want to leverage existing CUBE for SFB online calls and asking me if I could make the following call flow work without breaking the production calls between CUBE and CUCM.

Single CUBE:

1) Skype DID: Verizon SIP -> CUBE -> Audiocodes Mediant CCE server -> SFB online - (Proposed call flow)

2) CUCM DID: Verizon SIP -> CUBE -> CUCM - (Production call flow)

I have advised the customer that making changes on the production CUBE to allow SFB calls could cause interruption to current CUCM environment.(100+ sites), however, customer is insisting to proceed with this approach which is fraught with danger.

What do you guys think is this even possible?



It looks like you are

It looks like you are planning on to use Audio Codes appliance with built in CCE. It will have integrated SBC as well as Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition (SfB CCE) VMs. Are they looking to retain CUBE because Audiocodes appliance they have selected cant scale up to provide the required SIP sessions (500 concurrent sessions I guess per SfB CCE)  - as otherwise CUBE will have no place in the solution, you can eventually migrate all DIDs to Audio codes SBC and directly point Audio Codes SBC to Verizon in the end state.

Skype/All DID: Verizon SIP -> CUBE -> Audiocodes Mediant CCE/SBC server -> SFB online - (End State)

If the reason is scalability (as it appears from you numbers) or interim solution or any other valid reason, then your proposed call flow looks feasible.

Depending on the requirement or ease of migration you can explore a direct SIP trunk integration between CUCM and CCE Mediation server as well but in the end since you have to decommission CUCM, I dont see much value in that.

Please keep in mind, above input is based on limited information on your network topology and your proposed SfB Cloud Connector solution.


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VIP Advisor

As Vivek mentioned, you need

As Vivek mentioned, you need S4B on-prem for cloud integration.

Regarding feature support, see below official links from Cisco. They are pointing to Lync but same is applicable for S4B

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