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Cisco UCCX, CDR recordings are not downloading via Core FTP


I have installed Core FTP Server in my Windows 10 to fetch the logs of CDR from CUCM but Core FTP Server is not working can any buddy please suggest?

We am stuck from long in this issue.


Review: I clicked Setup then entered a name and IP Address along with the path and entered the credentials that were created for FTP at Cisco Unified Serviceability.


Will be thankful for the help.


Make sure that you can connect to the FTP server on your local computer from some other device (just have a colleague test) and verify that you can upload a file.  Once you know the FTP server is working, and has all the proper permissions, you can move onto the CUCM side.  Go to Callmanager -> Cisco Unified Servicability -> Tools -> CDR Management -> Under the Billing Application Server Parameters section, click "Add new".  This will allow you to setup your FTP server as a "billing server", which is where CUCM will send CDRs to.


If at that point, you aren't receiving files, it may be that CDRs are not enabled, or they are set to send once a day.  This guide can help you setup your CUCM cluster to send CDR and CMR files to an FTP / SFTP server - Setup CUCM cluster CDR files.


Finally, another option would be to use a pre-made billing server, like VoIP Detective free CDR reports, which runs as it's own SFTP server.  You just need to setup the CUCM side.


Dear I have already checked this post and FTP is working as its accessible from some other device.

My Core FTP is not fetching files of CDR I have entered the IP, Username and Password in Cisco Unified Serviceability but in vain,


Can any please help


Just to clear this out. The SFTP server do not fetch the CDRs. It's CUCM that sends the CDRs to the SFTP by using the settings on the Serviceability page.

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Yes, SFTP is working but for other purpose we are using FTP and SFTP both on a machine to fetch data from 2 different locations It was working fine but stopped suddenly.


These logs are showing in the application as attached:


20210127 10:04:04] 2 domain(s) allowed...
[#1] [20210127 10:04:04] Starting domain - CDR (#1)...
[#1] [20210127 10:04:04] The socket binding to local port failed.
[#1] [20210127 10:04:04] Bind on 172.16.x.x port (21) failed... Error - 10048
[#1] [20210127 10:04:04] CDR active...

I have noticed that the time its showing as can be seen above is about 10:04 that is not correct can we update this time as well is possible as what I am thinking is that this can also be the issue means this time difference.

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