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Cisco Unified CM Administration System version:

dear all,

my company is doing an upgrade in our call manager. there are some deprecated phone models of 7911s and 7941 in the network.


the consultant is delaying in importing the license. the consultant now says they can not get license from Cisco until we register all the IP phones registered for smartnet. in other words, they want more money from my company.


the CUCM is flagging 15 days to expire due to lack of license installed.

please i need a help to confirm is this is true.


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Re: Cisco Unified CM Administration System version:

Which version are you upgrading from? You should have purchased an upgrade SKU for the CUCM licenses.

You had better contact your Cisco Account Manager to see you what are eligible for..

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Re: Cisco Unified CM Administration System version:

i am upgrading from System version:


Re: Cisco Unified CM Administration System version:

thanks for your response. do you mean the consultant handling the project or what do you mean by account manager?


Re: Cisco Unified CM Administration System version:



Yes the license model has changed.  Simplistically it has changed from a device license to a user license.   Each phone would be allocated a number of license units.   A 7911 would be 2 units for example and a 7942 would be 4 units, and a conference phone would be more.


The process is now on the User (DN) for licenses, with varying levels from Essential, Basic and Enhanced.   Essential would be analogue units, connected via a VG or ATA unit for example.   Basic would be a phone and Jabber license,  Enhanced for phone, softphone, jabber client and more.

(Forgive the inaccuracies to the above split.  I am just quickly explaining the differences in a crude way and dare I say I may have the license names the wrong way round :(   :(  )


You should have a Cisco Account Manager who will work with you for the process of the upgrade, alternatively the company the engineer is working for will have an account manager who can liase on your before with Cisco  

At the moment you will have a set amount of Device licenses.   I would expect (and they did for us) that Cisco would provision you a similar number of licenses to cover the estate you currently have.   If you have spare licenses remaining, I would recommend trying to use them up, or you may lose them.  So any old phones that are in storage get them out and allocated.






Re: Cisco Unified CM Administration System version:

thanks Dave.

does this mean no payment is expected for the call manager but for the units of phones?

is this the way it has been for long or just a new policy from Cisco?

thanks for your expected professional response.


Re: Cisco Unified CM Administration System version:

Given that your current callmanager is under support, there is no cost associated with upgrade to 11(.5). There will be for labour costs, for your 3rd party engineer and project manager and other services they may provide.
I believe firmware updates have always been free, given your callmanager is under general support.
Don't forget to update Unity if you have it 😀


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