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Cisco Unity Connection 9 - Importing Users

Frank Perkins
Level 1
Level 1


Until know I have been managing several CUCM+CUC Business Edition servers. In this case, the CUCM and CUC resided on the same physical system. Now we are in the stages of deploying a CUCM 9 Classic cluster (which has been done), CUPS (done) and the last step to set up and test prior to deployment is Unity Connection 9.

I have created Port Groups and Ports, and CUCM sees them registered. However, when I go into Import Users I can only select to import from LDAP. On my other systems I could select from Phone System so I could import valid End Users into Unity Connection.

Have I missed a config, or does Unity Connection 9 only allow you to sync or import via AXL or LDAP?


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Frank Perkins
Level 1
Level 1

I resolved this. Just in case somebody else needs help with the same:

- Go to Phone System under Telephony Integrations

- Go to the desired Phone System

- Go to the Edit menu and select Cisco Unified Communications Manager AXL Servers

- Enter your CUCM details and configure the port. I used 443, but I think you can also use 8443 and 8080.

- Add more servers and define order

- Configure and username and password. In my case, I used a specific CUCM admin user for this task.

- Save

- Test each connection. You will get a message such as Test message successfully sent to AXL server CUCM:443 if successful.

Now when you go to Import Users PhoneSystem (or whatever you have called the Phone System integration under Telephony Integrations) will appear.

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Hi Frank,

This should be available in Connection 9.x as well;



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