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Yannick Vranckx

Cisco Unity - Greeting settings



I have the following situation, a manager will forward his phone to his assistent. His assistent has her phone "Forward All" to Voicemail. But when they do this they hear the standard unity greeting and not the personal greeting.


I've checked in the greetings settings and activated the internal one , but that doesn't seem to work.


The only way we can get this to work is to put the full e.164 number in the forward, it seems to trick the unity to act as a external caller.








Hi Yannick,


Does Manager have a voice mailbox configured?

Unity will send the the message to managers voice mail as by default it will use the First Redirecting number and if Manager is using a line which does not have voice mail configured, it will go to general greeting.


if this is the case you can add managers line which does not have any voice mail configured as an alternate extension on the assistants voice mail box or if you need this behavior for everyone than set the "Use Last (Rather than First) Redirecting Number for Routing Incoming Call" parameter checked.


System Settings>>Advanced>>Conversations>>Use Last (Rather than First) Redirecting Number for Routing Incoming Call(Check it)



The problem was that the manager phone was forwarded to the assistant phone and the called should hit her mailbox as she was forwarded to voicemail.

The problem was that if the forward was done with the internal number (4digits) that unity answered with a standard message and not the personal greeting of the assistant.

I have made a "Forwarded Routing Rule" to the extension of the Assistant in Unity and that seems to do the trick.







Hi Yannick,


I am sorry but i still did not understand the issue you are facing



the "Forwarded Route" was no good, that seems to edit the option for everyone


So we have 2 phones:

Phone 1: Manager number 1234

Phone 2: Assistent number 1235


Phone 1 is forwarded to Phone 2 in a "Call Forward All" to "1235, at this time Phone 2 has a call forward all to the voicemail checkbox

From the moment someone calls Phone 1 he is directly transferred towards Phone 2, Phone 2 is also forwarded to voicemail, so the original caller will reach the voicemail of Phone 2, but the original caller doesn't hear the personal greeting, he hears the standard cisco unity message of: "Hello , Welcome to cisco unity, from a touch dialpad ......, and we want it to just play the self recorded greeting of the user of Phone 2

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