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Cisco Unity Problems Activating Licenses

We are running a ISM-SRE-300-K9 module on a Cisco 2921 router, which we inherited and did not originally program at this site.  We have purchased L-FL-CUE-MBX-5= licenses but we are having tons of trouble getting them activated.  I am not too familiar with Cisco equipment so thanks for any help that can be provided.

We contacted Cisco support and they wanted a Product Authorization Key in order to provide us with a license file.  The company that we purchased the licenses from does not seem to know what the PAK is, and they have been unsuccessful in getting this information from Cisco.

According to my research, it sounds like we might not even need to install a license file, as I was reading that sometimes you can just telnet into the router and accept the end user agreement to modify the number of active licenses.  However, attempting to enter these commands did not work - I am thinking that it might have something to do with the version we are running.  

Also to note, if I log into our Unity Express Admin page, it is showing that we have 10 inactive VMIVR-VM-MBX licenses along with 50 active, in use VMIVR-VM-MBX licenses.  However, when I run a show license command through telnet, it is not even showing these inactive licenses in the system.  The other odd thing is that I have the Cisco Configuration Professional tool and it is showing the same thing - however, it is also showing that we have 35 VMIVR-VM-MBX licenses that are not deployed, but active and not in use on the router itself.  They come up under the CISCO2921 device rather than the ISM-SRE-300-K9 device.

Can anybody assist in figuring out how to either (a) activate the 10 inactive licenses already installed on the module...(b) move the 35 active but not in use licenses from the 2921 to the Unity module...(c) add the 5 licenses we just purchased but were not provided with a license file or PAK...or all of the above?  Thank you so much!


Hi, this link help to you to clarify how is the process when you have a PAK number to download the license file, and you can see how enable this license or the licenses that has loaded.

Best regards


Thank you for your help.  So am I correct in saying that VMIVR-VM-MBX mailboxes always require a PAK in order to activate them?  The company I purchased the mailboxes from does not seem to have the PAK numbers nor do they even know what they are...


Hi Patrick, if you or your provider know the SO (sales order) with this you can open a case on TAC requesting the PAK or license file, they request you the UDI number to generate license file.

Best Regards.