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Cisco Voice Gateway MTP Capacity Planning

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Level 1

What is the best way to capacity plan for software MTP resources on Cisco Voice Gateways, which also possess DSP resources and Transcoding, Conferencing as well as terminating E1 circuits?

I have already scoped the Voice Gateway model limitations, but there doesn't seem to be much resource out there to scope with everything else included, such as DSP resources, etc.

Many thanks,


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Follow this link below

Or look on that one to check the whole idea

Thank you for the information Nilson.

However, I need to know the impact DSP media resources have on CPU so that I can spec the number of software MTP sessions on the Voice Gateways.

Are you able to advise?

Many thanks,


If you are asking specific to software MTP's , it  will not utilize the any DSP resources however you will have to size them as per CPU limitation , I think you will get the info if you look around little( refer below link) .

On ISR G2 i have seen 400-500 resources with very minimal or no impact on CPU.

For rest DSP resources, you can use calculator.

Thank you Deepak.


I just want to ensure the DSPs have no impact on CPU which will affect the capacity planning for software MTPs.  Are you able to confirm?


Many thanks,



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