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Click to Dial Certificate Error on Outlook Dialing

Hello Community,

I have installed successfuly Click to Dial and I am able to make calls by using the application. Moreover, I have followed the following procedure to Install the Cisco Call Manager Certificate.

However, when dialling via Outlook, I receive Certificate Error:

Certificate Notification1.png

While trying to View the Certificate, I notice the following:

Certificate Information.png

Additionally, the Certificate seem to be installed correctly to my PC

Trusted Root Certification.PNG

Can anyone assist on the following?

Many thanks in advance,


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Joseph Martini
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Can you post a screen shot of the details tab of the certificate so we can see if there really is no issuer and issued to name or if there's some characters that causes the certificate viewer to not display them properly.  This is when you click on view certificate (the 2nd image above).

Hello Joe,

Thank you for your reply. Please find the screen-shot below:

I have just "erased" the Company Name... Do you find something wrong? Apologies but I dont have experience with the certificate creation.

Thanks in advance,


Thats the issue, there's a blank field for the issuer and issued to, notice the leading comma (",").  It looks like the certificate viewer is looking at the names as a comma seperated list so the first entry is blank.  I've never seen a certificate like that before, I would expect to see something like CN=CUCM,OU=Cisco.....


Do you think that this is something i havent set correct on the CUCM, that makes the certificate wrong?

Thanks for your posts,


Can someone clarify which is the exact certificate name that needs to be issued from the CUCM to the local user's pc?

thanks in advance,


It might be set in CUCM, you can do "show web-security" to see what you have set currently to see if a field it missing or wrong.  The cert that should be loaded onto the the client PCs is the Tomcat certificate.

Thank you Joe for the clarification,

When in do "show web-security" i see:     Issuer: C=GR, ST=Attica, L=Athens, O=NameoftheCompany, OU=plc, CN=

I guess the issuer is empty.. Do you think that i should regenerate it? Would I have there the option to set the missing fields?

I have downloaded the tomcat.der and yes the "Issued to" and "Issued by" are empty...

Any suggestions?



That's interesting, I've never seen the CN (common name) blank like that.  What do you see if you issue "show myself" do you have a hostname properly set on the server?  As far as I know the hostname should be the common name, and it should be required for the installation of CUCM.  Not sure how it installed with a blank CN.

By issuing "show myself" i get the following:

admin:show myself

Machine Name    : CUCMPub

account name    : OSAdmin

privilege level : 4

command count   : disabled

logging setting : disabled

While on the CUCM Administration Page, under Cisco Unified CM I have

What do you think?

Ok, so you do have a valid hostname there but for some reason that hostname wasn't set properly for your x.509 certificate.  I'd be interested to take a look at the "utils create report platform" next to see what parameters were entered during the install for this server.  You'll need to run that command from the CLI and then download the report with RTMT selecting CLI generated reports or using an SFTP server through the command line with "file get ...".

I will try to find it (not so familiar with the RTMT) and i will get back to you.

thanks once more,


Hello Joe,

Please find attached part of the downloaded report. Do you think that this may help?

Best regards,


Hello Joe,

Did you have a chance to have a look on the above?

Many thanks,


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