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CM 7.1 error


I had problem with CM 7.1 (Publisher).

When i get this error  "ext3-FS error device sda, int start journal has aborted" system freeze and only solution is hardware system restart (utils system restart from console doesn't work).

Any clue what is problem?

Thanks in advance.

Dusan Kovacevic

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Re: CM 7.1 error

How often does this happen?

It sounds like a file system error.  You may:

1) Use the vendor (IBM, HP) hardware diagnostic CD to check the hardware health (espeically disk controllers).

2) Use CUCM Recovery CD to do a file system check.


Re: CM 7.1 error

Two times in period of 7 days.

Thanks for reply.


Re: CM 7.1 error


I would recommend you open a TAC case for this.  Since the underlying appliance model OS is Linux, you can still see Linux error codes if they occur for some reason.  In particular, this may be indicative of a hardware issue with either the controller or the drive itself.  The ext3 error is typically associated with a drive being taken off-line due to a controller error.

With that said, it could be less imminent but it's worth taking a look.  There is also a CUCM 6x bug related to the drive firmware on the server and an update was released by Cisco for that.  I do not know if that would apply to 7x as I have to dig up the bug details again and I believe the error seen was different than what you are saying.

Long story short, I recommend opening a TAC case.


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Re: CM 7.1 error


Michael and Hailey are on point with this one (+5 guys). Either your file system has a corruption or you have something going on with the firmware of HDD or HDD controller, or a possible physical error on the disk.  The reason your system hung is because this type of error will cause the OS to make the filesystem Read Only.  Presumably to protect it?

Your options are to open a Tac case (which is recommended at this point) and/or to run some local diagnostics using the various Cisco and/or HP/IBM tools that came with the original media pack for your server.  If you aren't familiar with the diagnostics tools and don't have a lab to do a test run, it is probably best to just let Tac guide you through.  You have either a firmware defect or a potential hardware failure.


HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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