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CM group in hunt/route list?

Hi everyone, can someone please clarify the reason behind having CM group as one of the parameters in hunt/route list configuration?

I referred the cisco guides for the same & noticed nothing but one statement: "The route/hunt list registers with the highest-priority Cisco CallManager as its primary Cisco CallManager".

Now the question is - as this is just a configuration that reside in the database like all other routing details (and not like endpoints/devices), I fail to understand why these lists need to register with CM?

Any assistance to clarify in this regard would be great. Thanks!

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Re: CM group in hunt/route list?

My guess is that like any endpoint registered to CUCM there is an associated process/instance on a single CUCM handling call control for that endpoint. In the case of SCCP phones there is a StationD/Init process on the node that the IP phone is registered to. There wouldn't be a StationD/Init process on any other node of that cluster to represent/communicate with that IP phone. I assume Route lists operate in the same fashion; that there is single object or instance in CUCM for a particular Route list to handle route pattern to route group mappings. By specifying the CUCM group for the route list you are specifying the CUCM node priority that the route list object/instance should register or run on. Again... this is only my guess.

Re: CM group in hunt/route list?

Thanks Anthony... I get your point.

In that case, it appears to be a lot related to the application level design, but I guess we still need to know the actual reason - especially for the fact that, if a hunt/route list can have members irrespective of the other factors of the endpoints (which are controlled by device pool including CM group), then I guess it's kind of duplicating. Moreover, I still fail to see the necessity for the lists to register with CUCM or at least, it's not that easily visible to us from a broader perspective.

Thanks anyway for your insights. I look forward to getting further inputs in this regard.

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