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CM question can a hunt group work using a basic end point license with a 3rd part SIP phone (ver 9.1.2)

We have a BE 6000 using a number of Vtech S2220 3rd party phones with a basic end point license and the hunt group feature doesn't work. It does using a cisco phone with an enhanced license.

Has any one else got this working?

And is there any documented restriction of the basic end point license functionality?

Any advice appreciated 


It should work. How did you

It should work. How did you added this third party sip phones ? "third party sip device advanced " or "third party sip device basic" ?

Can you collect sip traces and send it across when you use hunt group feature with these phones.

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Collect CallManager traces

Collect CallManager traces for a test call so we can see what is going on with the SIP Stack.


 First thank you for taking


First thank you for taking time to look at my question, it is much appreciated.

I will as the engineer to obtain some traces.

I was incorrect the phone is assigned an advanced license so it can't be that.

The thing that don't get is how does the phone on the end influence the hunt group functionality?

Am I missing something? My understanding is the phone has an extension number the phone system overlays a hunt group extension number on two or more extensions, you ring the virtual hunt group number and the phone system says ring these two phone at the same time.

We may have a work around where the Vtech SIP phones we have are two line so we can assign 1 number to 1 line and the same number to two phones. 


This is Vtech comments which seem logical

The features you are attempting to initiate are PBX controlled, the VTech SIP phone is just a device used when these features are enabled, but has no control over the feature at all.
Mentioned below:

CME programming vs CUCM? From documentation I have managed to obtain online, although different the OS or commands to implement features are the same?

I sent you one of the configuration options from one of our US customers that has Multiple phones in a suite sharing the same extension number.

This was done when programming the 3rd party SIP phone, multiple devices can share the same number, with the difference being the MAC address of each device. Did you try this?
For this, although not a Cisco expert I would assume that you MIGHT require the Advanced SIP licence and not the Basic.

As mentioned above I do want to assist here in anyway I can, however the VTech SIP phone is just a device registered to the PBX and cannot control features.


however the VTech SIP phone

however the VTech SIP phone is just a device registered to the PBX and cannot control features.- VTech engineer is correct. All the call processing stuff is managed phone system , like shared line, hunt group or call pick up group. (google it you will get to how these feature works with CUCM).

We need CUCM traces to look at to find where exactly your call is failing.


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