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CMBE 6.1.5 to 8.5.1 (new hardware) upgrade steps

Hi all,

I have this upgrade/migration planned for this weekend.  In short, I am upgrading CMBE 6.1.5 on a 7828-H3 appliance to 8.5.1, then DRS backup/restoring to a new 7828-I5 appliance.  Single site, single server.  It is almost like a Bridge upgrade, except for the existing hardware is still supported for v8.5.  However, our new 8.5 license files are bound to the MAC address of the new server.

I have been going over documentation and would just like to have the following steps "vetted" for accuracy of my procedure.  Because this is CUCM Business Edition, there could be subtle differences that I am not aware of.  This is taking place during a scheduled maintenance window, so there is no concern for service outages during the upgrade/migration.  I've already started on the prerequisite steps and have had no issues.

My proposed steps:

1. Install 8.5.1 from Cisco installation media on new MCS7828-I5 appliance. Configure same hostname and IP address as existing production system.  (completed) 

2. Upgrade 8.5.1 to latest revision (SU2-- on new appliance.  (Completed)

3. Install upgrade to Inactive partition of existing production CMBE 6.1.5 appliance.  (Completed)

4. Boot existing appliance to upgraded partition.

5. Run a DRS Backup on existing appliance.  Once completed, power off.

6. Connect new appliance to the network and boot to blank v8.1.5.12900 installation.

7. DRS restore to the new appliance.  Reboot.

8. Install new 8.5.1 license files to the new appliance.  Restart CM Service and verify all other services started, properly licensed, and functioning.

I am more concerned with this being the right procedure than with problems I may encounter during the upgrade.  Specifically, I am most hazy on the Unity Connection requirements as well as licensing.  This is CallManager Business Edition, so my understanding is that Unity Connection is built-in and doesn't require anything extra in this scenario, (please correct me if I'm wrong).  I have license files for CMBE, Unity Connection, and a UCSS subscription.  Any pointers/tips/corrections are much appreciated in advance.


CMBE 6.1.5 to 8.5.1 (new hardware) upgrade steps

Copied to TAC.  Will update with their responses.


CMBE 6.1.5 to 8.5.1 (new hardware) upgrade steps

TAC verifies the steps as listed above, with the small addition as the lat step to manually delete all license files listed as Invalid in the License Report Tool suing the CLI command 'file delete license '.


CMBE 6.1.5 to 8.5.1 (new hardware) upgrade steps

It's been over a year since you did this work, but I have exactly the same task ahead, CUCM-BE 6.1.5 on 7828-H3 to 8.6. The latest hardware (7828-I5), does not backwards support below 8.5, so cannot install 6.1.5 on it.

I have tried multiple times to upgrade 6.1.5 to 8.5+ in a VM, but no luck due to hardware checks, the latest I can get to is 7.1.2.  TAC have looked at this as well in their own labs and cannot get the upgrade done either in VM.

So, I'm left with two options, either spend a long time trying to migrate using BAT exports/imports and changing column headers to fit 8.x from 6.x, or... go ahead and replicate what you have done here.

How did you get on with the upgrade/boot into 8.5 inactive partition on the 7828-H3? Was there any gotcha's with the DRS backup/restore?  I plan to just take a backup, then roll back to 6.1.5 until new hardware is installed.

Although it does support it, the 8.6 upgrade for 7828-H3 involves a 128GB exernal USB drive, hence me skiping that, upgrade 7828-H3 to 8.5, DRS backup, then DRS restore on the new hardware, upgrade that I5 server to 8.6, migrate licenses, and cut over once it's ready to go.  What are your thoughts?


CMBE 6.1.5 to 8.5.1 (new hardware) upgrade steps

The technical steps I outlined in the OP worked flawlessly.  The only hangup I had was with the licensing files.  Because the MAC address of the server changes, the license files show as invalid on the new server.  The most complicated part of the process was dealing with the TAC Licensing team.  After getting the right engineer on the phone, who explained that I needed a license re-home to the MAC address of the new hardware, things moved forward.  Once this was processed, I received multiple emails containing the license for the server, as well as all the device license files.

So, the process worked for me, but I would recommend taking care of the licensing portion first, if you haven't already.  Let me know if there is anything else I can shed light on

(Please note that we remain on v8.5.1, and have not yet  attempted the upgrade to v8.6.  Therefore, I can shed no light on the  v8.6 upgrade experience.)


CMBE 6.1.5 to 8.5.1 (new hardware) upgrade steps

Thanks for the reply, that's good to know the 8.5 upgrade went ok on the old H3 hardware.  Once I get a DRS export at 8.5, I'll import into new appliance and then go to 8.6 on the 7828-I5. 

Good tip on the licenses, I'll try and get them re-homed prior, as presumably you can 'dual-run for a period of time; they just send you the licenses tagged to the new mac to install.

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