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CMBE 8.6(2) - IP Phone Directories Questions

Hi all,

I have a few issues that I can't find any answers for online, can anyone assist?  They are -

1 - CMBE users are synced with LDAP, which is working ok, but when you do a blank search on the corporate directory on the phone only some of the users show up - I thought that all users should show up in this case?  If you do a specific search for a user that doesn't show up on a blank search, they show up ok.

2 - If i add a new directory as a new IP phone service and populate the xml file, can I create a .asp file so that users can search on it just like they do with the internal corporate directory?  I'm using IIS to serve up the xml file.

3 - Is there a way to list both an internal number and a mobile number against one user in a manually populated xml file (accessed through a new IP phone service as above)?

Thanks in advance,


Cisco Employee

CMBE 8.6(2) - IP Phone Directories Questions

There is an Enterprise Parameter, "User Search Limit" which defaults to 64, max 500.  You can increase this up to 500 users.  You can also configure a custom corporate directory that you can server on an external server, IIS works fine as a web server.  There are documents on for how to do this as well as third party products that provide a customizable corporate directory for your IP phones.  You can list both internal and mobile numbers if you create a custom directory since you have full control over the content served by your web server.

CMBE 8.6(2) - IP Phone Directories Questions

Thanks for that.  There are 71 LDAP users on the system, but only 31 are showing up.  I've increased the limit to 128 but it's still the same - other than applying the change in the Enterprise Parameters section, do I need to restart any services or change anything at the phone level or elsewhere?  I still should be seeing more users even before the change.

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