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CMBE UCL license

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I want to know if  this server CMBE5K-7828I5-BE8B with 50 basic user license, can we use this server to work with only 12 IP phones but not 6921 or 6911 we need to use 7965 is this can be work ?

thanks for the help


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Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Hi Talaat,

The BE5000 unlike the BE3000 supports the whole 7900 series IP Phone

portfolio (including the 7965)



Hi Rob

thank you for your help

this server include 50 basic user license, can we register only 12 7965 phone without any additional license



Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Hi Talaat,

Yes, this license would allow you to register 12 - 7965's

and still leave you room for 38 more



Hi Rob,

I may be confused here, but 7965 requires Enhanced UCL.  Basic UCL is for 6911 and 6921, no?

Hope your well and thanks for all the answer you post here as I learn from you!


Rob Huffman
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Hall of Fame

Hi Steve/Talaat,

You are most correct my friend +5 Thanks for kicking my &*#!

I did not take note of the UCL portion of Talaat's original post bad!

Cisco User Connect Licensing

You can order Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition 5000 a la carte using a single top-level part

number. The top-level part number allows you to configure the entire system, including hardware, software, and user


The Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition 5000 starter packages bundle the Cisco MCS 7828

Unified Communications Manager Business Edition 5000 Appliance with a preloaded software suite and Cisco User

Connect Licenses for the first 50 users - Basic or Essential User Connect Licenses. The user licenses included in

the base package cover the server licenses, voice mailboxes, and ports needed for the initial system.

In addition to the initial 50 users included in the Cisco User Connect License bundle, you can add more users by

choosing appropriate options under the top-level part number.

Enhanced IP User License :

Entitles the user to use of a single endpoint of any make or model, including a hard phone and Soft phone from Cisco or a third party.

The Enhanced IP User License also entitles Mobile Connect for a user who has a mobile client (dual mode or Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator) or any thirdparty
mobile solution.

Any user with a mobile client or third-party mobile solution requires an Enhanced UCL.

Basic IP User License :

Entitles the user to use of one (1) Basic Cisco IP Endpoint, currently Cisco Unified IP Phone 6911 and 6921 models.

Sorry about that!



Hi rob/steve

Thanks for your help

This mean that with the starter bundel the 12 7965 phones not working so if i want that work i need 12 license to upgrade the basic to enhanced, after that i can connect 12 7965 phones and 38 6921 phones, is i'm wright or not ?



That is my understanding.  Yes.  Dont forget to purchase the ESW and UCSS so SW application upgrades in the future are free.

Thanks steve for your help

When i do the configuration and add 12 license upgrade from basic to enhanced. It's add 24 cucm8-be-usr and the total is 224

Is this same like dlu or not ?

Since UCL was introduced and prior to CUCM 9.0, the actual products are still DLU license  "aware" under the covers.

Each phone takes a number of DLUs.  a 7970 takes 5 for example (not sure about the 7965) so additional DLUs for upgrading the basic to enhanced makes sense to me.

I dont pay too much attention to the forward looking stuff I cant sell yet, but I understand 9.0 will be the target for UCL awareness, so to speak.

Speaking of upgrading from an older system, with no UCSS or ESW, there is a promotion you can find information about out here called "3&3" where you get the UCLs DIRT CHEAP as long as you buy the 3 years of UCSS and ESW, which in my opinion is a humble price to pay for the ability to get all major upgrades.   Its still very cheap with that promotion (50% off at least)

The ordering Guide is authoritative on this topic:

There is a place in the community for this license information where you'll find alot of information.: