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CME + 7916 + consult transfer not working

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We have a customer where CME is installed. The customer has 7965 phones with expansion module 7916 where speed dials are configured on.

If the 7965 receives a call, pushes Transfer and then on a speed dial button of the 7916, the call is dispatched without any notification to the transferred party (blind transfer).

If the 7965 receives a call, pushes Transfer and then introduces the destination via the numeric keypad of the 7965, the call can be announced (consultive transfer).

Is there a way to also have consultive transfer when using the 7916? The telephony-service parameter "transfer-system full-consult" is set.

All feedbacks / ideas are welcome.


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Rob Huffman
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Hi Dirk,

Maybe this is what you are looking for;

Consult Transfer Support for Direct Station Select

For CME 3.2 and later versions, consult transfers can take place during direct station select. The default behavior is a blind transfer. Direct station select is a functionality that allows phone users to transfer calls to idle monitor lines. A monitor line is a line that is shared by two people. Only one person can make and receive calls on the shared line at a time, while the other person, whose line is in monitor mode, is able to see that the line is in use.

Consult transfers to monitor lines are performed with the following steps:


Step 1 Answer the incoming call.

Step 2 Press the Trnsfer (transfer) soft key.

Step 3 If the monitor lamp is off, press the monitor-line button.

Step 4 Announce the call.

Step 5 Place the handset on hook or press the Trnsfer soft key a second time to transfer the call.


If the person sharing the monitor line does not want to accept the call, the person announcing the call can reconnect to the incoming call by pressing the EndCall soft key to terminate the announcement call and pressing the Resume soft key to reconnect to the original caller.

Direct station select consult transfer is enabled with the addition of the dss keyword to the transfer-system full-consult command, which defines the call transfer method for all lines served by the router.

So you need this setting;

**transfer-system full-consult dss

Hope this helps!


Hello Rob,

Thanks, I will check this out and rate your post !!!