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CME: allow watch or blf between SIP and SCCP


I am new to this community and this is my first post. I tried to find an answer to this, but nothing seems to be clear enough.

Hope someone can help

I am trying to figure out how to configure the allow watch or blf function on a SIP 8961 phone with CKEM.

Actually, what I would like, is to have all the internal DN (some are SCCP phones, some are SIP) being watched through the CKEM and act as BLF-Speed-Dial

In this particular case, I cannot make any test since we have not received the equipment yet.

Usually, when using the allow watch command over SCCP phones, we only set up the phone button to watch a certain DN.

Ex: button 1:1 2w10 3w11 4w12 etc.

Now what if I do have ephone-dn 1 through 30 as SCCP phones and voice register dn 1 through 10 as SIP phones.

The only thing I can think of goes that way (let's say I want to watch ephone dn 1):


          presence enable


          presence call-list

          max-subscription 64

          watcher all

          allow subscribe

     ephone-dn 1

          number 2010

          allow watch

     voice register dn 1

          number 2001

          allow watch

          blf-speed-dial 1 2010 label "John"

          blf-speed-dial 2 2020 label "Joe"

          blf-speed-dial 3 2030 label "Mary"


Now, if that is the proper way to set BLF on the SIP 8961 phones, how do I determine on which key I am going to set the blf-speed-dial 1, 2, 3, etc. as I do with the button command ?

Thank you very much for your help


Gabriel D.

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CME: allow watch or blf between SIP and SCCP

Many things do not work on SIP phones, so don't be surprised if that is the case,

CME: allow watch or blf between SIP and SCCP


Just a follow up if it can help somebody. Actually the BLF work as mentionned in my config above, but did not find any way to set the speed dial on a precise button. Looks like we have no other choice than starting from the first available key (i.e. can't start directly on the key expension module if there is available keys left on the phone, it will start there).

Also, noticed that if you have the same BLF on many SIP phones (in our case the same 30 speed dials on 4 devices), you need a subscription for each one of them. Would have to set up max-subscription 120 in this case under presence.


Gabriel D.

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