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CME and CUE software and hardware upgrade.

Ed Kender

Hello - we are looking at upgrading both our hardware and software for CME and CUE and looking for some documentation at discussing both of these processes.  Below are a list of question we have on the process.

Our current hardware platform is 2811 and we are going to a 2921 router.  The current IOS is  12.4T(20) CME = 7.0 and we are currently running CUE 3.2.  We are looking at going to IOS 15.4(3)M CME = 10.5 and CUE 8.6.

  1. Can the configuration be brought over from the existing CME or is there some translating that needs to be done between IOS release?  Where would this be documented?
  2. Can the existing CUE database be backed up and restored onto the new 8.6 platform?  Where would this be documented?

We do not do a lot of CME or CUE so looking for some guidance.


Sami Ahmad

Hi Ed,

Most of these questions are already answered in the past. I suggest you look up the posts in CSC first.




Cisco Support Community.

I suggest you upgrade both CME and CUE to 8.x version (check below URLs first) and then take backup of CUE and attempt restore on new CUE module.

Check hardware and software compatibility here.

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