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Dear All,

I've got a request to the get the IP Phones up and running our cleint. The Scenario is as below..

The Scenario is as below..

There are 26 3560 V2 switches in 13 Floors of the building which serve's the IP Phones, Computers and IP Camera's  which are uplinked via multimode fiber to 4500 Core Switch in Data Center.

n  Core Switch is 4507 R-E with SUP IV

n  There are 2  ‘18’ Port Fiber line cards WS-X4418-GB

There is a 3945 CME router which is connected to 4507 Core Switch by fiber patch cord for IP Telephony, there are 200 IP phones in the building (100 7911G & 100 6901)

The CME router would be connected to 4500 Switch which is uplinked to all access switches through fiber ,so I've decided to make the 4500 Switch as the DHCP server with 3 Vlans.

I've tried to replicate the scenario on Packet Tracer but have some issues in accomplishing it, PFA the packet tracer config.

Note: the packet tracer version is 5.3.3

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paolo bevilacqua
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