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CME Originator Caller ID not go through a transfer


I have a CME running I believe 11.6. I have read the various forums and attempted to get the caller ID to go with a transfer, but it does not work. So outside caller A dials the main number, enters a persons extension, Phone B, that person sees the outside caller ID, presses transfer and dials phone C. Phone C sees Phone B caller ID and never sees caller A ID. I have attached a show run and version, I have only configured the template with the transfer, voice register template 3 on voice register pool 6 for now for testing. I call the main number from , get the auto attendant, dial 3056, answer the call and then transfer to 3039. 3039 sees the 3056 caller ID, even when I complete the transfer. I have attached the debugs. Any help is really appreciated.


I have attached the show run, show version and call debugs, called the main number, entered 3056, transferred to 3039

Can't attach the debug, it keeps giving me a message that the text file does not match the extension, but it is a txt





Nithin Eluvathingal
VIP Mentor

You gone face an  issue When using originator as calling party number for  Forwarded calls  .

Using originator as calling information, when some call from outside  calling number send to ISP will be your mobile/outside landline number. If calling number is other than your DID block, most  ISP will drop the call or translate this to DID pilot number. 


Its a common question people ask in community how to disable the originator informations for forwarded calls. 


ISP  does this for Billing purpose. 





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Hello Nithin,

In the debug, I can see the incoming caller ID. The call to the first called party has the correct caller ID. But once the transfer is begun, the original caller ID is no longer there, just the first person to answer the call. Are you saying the carrier could cause this?

I tried to explain an issue which occurs for forwarded calls  when using  originator as calling party . I didnt mean that its an issues due to carrier. 



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Okay, thank you, I have forwarded the debug to the carrier and see what they say.

Sorry for putting you in confusion , i dint mean that its a carrier issue and  There is no need to forward the debugs to ISP.


Let me try this on my lab.

In my regions, if i send a call with calling-information other than my DID range ISP drop the calls.So  when some one call my extension from outside, for forwarding to work properly to my mobile we use last redirect or first redirect. For billing purpose this requirement is common with almost all ISP.





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Okay, thank you. I look forward to hearing what happens in your lab

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