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CME - Selectively forward a hunt group to mobile

Paul Cobley

So users had some functionality on their old PBX which I need to replicate on CME 8.6.

I have a number of parallel hunt groups with user DDIs as members :-

voice hunt-group 17 parallel

final 2693

list 2146,2149

pilot 2662

The users have requested that when they leave the office at night they can do a CFA to a mobile. I have seen sample config which uses time of day routing on a DN but the mobile destination might be different on any day. Also if the users leave the office for lunch or a meeting again they want to have the flexibility of forwarding the huntgroup to a mobile.

Has anyone configured something like this /


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Mohammed al Baqari
VIP Advisor VIP Advisor
VIP Advisor


In fact when you are dialing the pilot DN, the settings under individual DNs will be ignored. Instead try to use hunting using multiple DNs with same number. You won't be able to achieve parallel hunting since dial-peer algorithms don't have parallel option. But you need to compromise.

Then assign each to DN to a one phone. Accordingly, each phone user can forward the call to his number since this will reflect to his associated DN

Hi mohammed,

Yes I agree - the best way is ephone-dn's with different preference and overlay-dn's on the handsets. I just wondered if there was an easier way than to reconfigure 30 hunt groups across two sites ! Oh well, it will be a long evening.


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