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CME SIP Intercom DN using *

I've read the guides on creating intercom extensions on CME, but I'm still a little fuzzy.

I'd like any user to be able to dial another using the intercom with auto-mute off simply by dialing their normal extension and adding an asterisk. Is this possible? And if so, can you provide a config snippet or point me at the correct documentation. I've read this, but I'm confused since the commands show you including the brackets. [ ]


User A - DN 100

User B - DN 200


User A goes off hook and dials 200* to activate the intercom on User B's phone.

I'll be using 7821's and 7861's so this will be configured using SIP.

I don't want to use speed dials as the 7821's will only have two lines max to work with so there won't be enough lines for anyone to dial anyone else (ad-hoc) as they please.

Jameson Gagnepain
Rising star

The brackets in the command reference are to indicate optional parameters.

I wouldn't recommend putting the asterisk at the end, as any time someone dials the internal extension of someone who also has an intercom line, they will have to wait for the inter-digit timeout before the call connects. I would recommend putting the asterisk at the front instead.

So for the two users you gave, you could have configuration like the following (substitute whatever dn numbers you like, of course):

voice register dn 1
number *100

voice register dn 2
number *200

You would then need to put those two lines on the second line of User A and B's phones. If User A wanted to dial User B's intercom, they would pick up their intercom line (*100) and then dial *200.



Jameson, thanks for the reply. I was confused about the brackets as they were used not just in the command reference, but also in a config snippet.

At any rate...

Spot on on the positioning of the asterisk.

I want User A to be able to simply go off-hook and dial the intercom of User B. I'm trying to mimic the functionality and ease of PBX phone systems that I run into and will be replacing in this case. Can I not just dial User B's intercom line from User A's main line/number?

As well, I don't want to "waste" a line appearance on a 7821 with the intercom.

Can this be done?


Dialing the intercom line from line 1 of user A will probably not work - from the command reference:

Command Default

The Cisco Unified SIP IP phone cannot make or receive an intercom call.

Basically, the above means that non-intercom lines are not allowed to dial intercom lines.

Usage Guidelines

The intercom line cannot be the primary line of a Cisco Unified SIP IP phone and cannot be shared among Cisco Unified SIP IP phones.

When the intercom speed-dial option is not configured, the intercom line waits for the user to dial the destination number.

The above means that  you will need to use a line on the phone for the intercom. You are not supposed to enable intercom on the first line on the phone. Even if that did work, you would be enabling intercom for all calls to that line.



I see. That's disappointing. I don't see a way to configure an intercom softkey either.

I'm new to Cisco phones, I'm wondering if in order to to have intercom function between my office extensions ( using five SPA525g2 phones in my office) I have to use special settings within my PBX or only special settings within Cisco phones? I'm currently trying  ringroost service and not even sure if intercom not possible because of PBX not supporting it or I just have to activate within my phones?


thx mike


Intercom would be a PBX feature, not a phone-specific feature.



thank you

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