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cme to cme voip dial-peers


Hi guys


I have a small cme to cme network of 6 routers and I have h323 dial-peers between them, randomly the rtp between the sites stops working and i

change the protocol to SIP and then it works again, a week later it stops working and i change back to h323 and then it works.

This continues endlessly, changing from h323 to sip and vice versa.

Please can you help me with this, i can't understand what is happening here?

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Hello George,

The RTP stop??

The media flows directly betwen the endpoints do you have firewalls or any problem with your data network?


Leonardo Santana

Leonardo Santana

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Hi Leonardo

Thank you for replying, the data is working fine between endpoints. Also the signalling is working fine, so the call rings and he answers on the other side but there is no speach. then I just adjust the dial-peer from h323 to sip or vice vesrsa and it starts to works for a while and then same thing again and i change protocol again for it to work.




please provide

sh run

sh logg



What kind of WAN do you have between CMEs?Please share a small diagram to make sure that we get the topology correctly.

When the call is silent between two endpoints, on the CMEs please share the called number/calling number, show voip rtp connections, show sccp conn, show call active voice brief.

You can also try to ping the voice VLAN of the destination CME using the voice VLAN of the source CME during silence.

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