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Hello Everybody,

I am pretty new in Voice, and my small company wants to move from cme to CUCM,

What are the things I should keep in mind?

-- They have only two FXO ports for CME, can we configure FXO ports for CUCM? and how?

-- What about the licenses?

-- any Compatibility issues with 2811 Router?

-- About CUE?

Pleasee mention ANYTHING which should be taken into consideration

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Cisco Employee

You should ideally engage

You should ideally engage your Cisco Account team to address this issue.

There are a few factors that you need to keep in mind:

>> How many users do you have on existing CME and how many do you plan to have on CUCM ( with any expansion scope in the future )
>> What features and services are you currently using in CME that you want to continue using on CUCM
>> Any additional features or services that you are looking at like video conferencing, presence, MRA etc

Based on that you can go for either BE6000 or a BE7000 server

Yes, you can use the existing CME router to send the calls to CUCM and also send them out to PSTN, the 28XX router can be used with CUCM.

Licensing and other details are best dicussed once you come up with exact numbers and feature requirements.

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Thanks Manish for the answer.

Thanks Manish for the answer.


the company is very small with max users of 25, and i dont think it will expand to more than BE6000 for sure :p



For FXO ports now, which protocol should be used? H323 or MGCP or SIP. it might be a dumb question but please help.


Can we configure Jabber for cme?

Cisco Employee

You can use any of the

You can use any of the protocols with FXO depending upon your setup and requirement. H323 and SIP are primarily the preferred ones. Yes, Jabber can work with CME



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Thanks Manish,I have heard

Thanks Manish,

I have heard that jabber does not work with 2811 Router, is it so?


and how do you configure jabber in cucm, i dont see jabber option in Add new phone list.

Hi.Jabber for mac and windows


Jabber for mac and windows are configure as CSF endpoint while Jabber for IPhone and Android can be found as dedicated endpoints.

On CME Jabber Voice for mobile devices was available till few months ago but now is no longer supported.

Jabber for windows  can be configured in phone only mode and in  full UC mode while Jabber for Mac can be configured in a full UC mode but a presence server is required.

Here the link








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do does it mean that Jabber

do does it mean that Jabber is not available for CME on any platforms?

No it means that you can

No it means that you can configure Jabber for windows in both Phone only mode and full UC mode and Jabber for Mac in full UC mode in CME






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Cisco Employee

Hi Kashif,You can check the

Hi Kashif,

You can check the following configuration doc for registering jabber for windows on CME

CME admin guide will have answers to most of your configuration , feature related queries on CME, you can always refer the admin guide for such queries.


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