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CME x IP Phone 7941G - IP Phones registered but don´t appear any buttons ???

Antonio Brandao

Hi All ,

I have a basic lab using two ipphones 7941G IP phones with a call manager express running on a 2621 router.

phones are registering sucessful but still I can´t see any button phone only a message showing Cisco CME

Can somebody tell what is wrong ????

Follow posted the  actual conf running on router

tftp-server flash:CVM41.2-0-2-26.sbn
tftp-server flash:Jar41.2-9-2-26.sbn
tftp-server flash:TERM41.7-0-3-0S.loads
tftp-server flash:cnu41.2-7-6-26.sbn
tftp-server flash:term41.default.loads
tftp-server flash:term61.default.loads

max-ephones 36
max-dn 36
ip source-address port 2000
auto assign 1 to 36
create cnf-files version-stamp Jan 01 2002 00:00:00
max-conferences 4

ephone-dn  1  dual-line
number 5000

ephone-dn  2  dual-line
number 5001

ephone-dn  3  dual-line
number 5002

ephone-dn  4  dual-line
number 5003

ephone  1
mac-address FCFB.FBCA.4714
button  1:2 2:3

Show flash

router_lab#sh flash

System flash directory:
File  Length   Name/status
  1   19061832  c2600-ipvoice-mz.123-4.T8.bin 
  2   1960127  CVM41.2-0-2-26.sbn 
  3   707135   Jar41.2-9-2-26.sbn 
  4   591      TERM41.7-0-3-0S.loads 
  5   1998336  cnu41.2-7-6-26.sbn 
  6   591      term41.default.loads 
  7   591      term61.default.loads 
  8   496521 
  9   820      XMLDefault.cnf.xml [deleted]
[24227128 bytes used, 9327304 available, 33554432 total]
32768K bytes of processor board System flash (Read/Write)

and show telephony

outer_lab#sh telephony-service 
CONFIG (Version=3.0)
Cisco CallManager Express
ip source-address port 2000
max-ephones 36
max-dn 36
max-conferences 4
max-redirect 5
time-format 12
date-format mm-dd-yy
keepalive 30
timeout interdigit 10
timeout busy 10
timeout ringing 180
edit DN through Web:  disabled.
edit TIME through web:  disabled.
Log (table parameters):
     max-size: 150
     retain-timer: 15
create cnf-files version-stamp Jan 01 2002 00:00:00
auto assign 1 to 36
local directory service: enabled.

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Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend Hall of Fame Community Legend
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Antonio,

Can you please try;

ephone  1
mac-address FCFB.FBCA.4714
type 7941
button  1:2 2:3




I did, but seens that some is strange here see on output below

router_lab(config-ephone)#type ?
  7902       Cisco IP Phone 7902
  7905       Cisco IP Phone 7905
  7910       Cisco IP Phone 7910
  7912       Cisco IP Phone 7912
  7935       Polycom 7935
  7940       Cisco IP Phone 7940
  7960       Cisco IP Phone 7960
  ata        ATA  phone emulation for analog phone
  vgc-phone  vg248  phone emulation for analog phone

Model 7941 doesn´t appear on types

My IOS image running on this router is c2600-ipvoice-mz.123-4.T8.bin


Hi Rob,

I think I found the cause ! IOS Image.

I just replace for newer version and is working now

changed for c2600-ipvoice-mz.124-12c.bin and working perfectly now.

Anyway many thanks by your help


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