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Collaboration Edge - Is it a replacement of CMS.

Hi Guys


As far as I understand, the Collaboration Edge - basically consisting of Expressway C&E is used to extend the Corporate Phone Network, IMP etc. It is able to do video calls over Jabber as well.


But if we want to have On Premise solution of Audio/Video/Web Conferencing, do we still still need to buy Cisco Meeting Server. We need at-least 50 people in the Audio/Video/Web Conference. The parties are both Internal as well as external. It is same as zoom or webex but we need it ON Premises.

My confusion is should we buy Cisco Meeting Server or Collaboration Edge of Expressway C&E would be able to do all this. 


I will be most grateful for your advice.







Collaboration Edge - Is it a replacement of CMS:--- NO.


Cms is a conferencing resource. For Audio/Video/Web Conferencing  onprem you need to have CMS.


expressway E&C is edge component where your traffic from public gets terminated. 

if you need webrtc u need to have a edge component. Using turn feature on expressway you can achieve it.

B2B call will get terminated on expressway. MRA feature require expressway.


Rms license on Expressway should be considered for B2B.Expressway E and C is a free component.But Rms license has a price. With latest version u need this RMS license only on E.



you need to go through CMS data sheet to clearly  understand the supported number of users  in each platform. CMS 2k Suits your requirement. but its recommended to work with a local partner who is good with this  platform. 




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I would suggest that in first place, you take some time to review the data sheet from the products to understand what they do.

Seeing that you're confused with two products that perform two very different functions in the network, I'd strongly suggest you reach out to a reputable consultant or a local Cisco partner WITH voice specializations to assist you with this.



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