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Colorblindness and 9971 IP phone

Scott Jones

I've got a user that is color blind and cannot see red...the issue that has come up is that when he mutes his phone, he's not sure if it is actually muted.  Has anyone come across a situation like this before with the 9900 series (or 7900 series) phones and is there something that can be done to put an indicator on-screen or even an external device of some sort that will let him know if it is muted?  Since this would be considered an ADA issue, I'm sure there's something somewhere that can be done, just not sure what.

Thanks all


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I believe that most headsets with an integrated mute will beep at regular intervals to let the user know that mute is active.  The only other thing I can think of would be a custom IP Communicator skin using a different mute button color.  But if I spent the money for a 9971, I'd want to use it rather than a softphone.  I don't have a 9971 at my disposal, but the 7900 series phones flash a 'mute on' or similar message when you activate mute.  Dumb question but does the 9971 do that?

I have a 7821 phone. There is no indication on the screen and no continual beep. It does beep once when putting it in mute and twice when taking it off, but it is very hard for me to see whether the mute button is lighted. I don't know why they would have used the particular hue of red that they did. Cisco is a big company and should be able to do colorblind testing before putting these things out. After all, roughly 10% of the male population are colorblind, you'd think that might occasion a little more concern for the subject. To make the claim that the difference in the beeps makes these phones accessible to colorblind people is ludicrous.

The least they could do is have a mute icon come up on the screen. They could also provide a kit for changing the color. How about getting a color blind person to check it out before you put it on the market?

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