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Conference Phone (Audio bridge) Password Issue


Can anyone help me out in resolving this issue.

I have a CCM Server version running 7.1.5. I tried to join a conference bridge (audio bridge ) which is scheduled through the Live meeting.When i try to enter the bridge password using the IP phone for example 123456 and it says i have a entered a wrong password and takes as 1123456 though am entering correct password.I need to try 3 or 4 times then finally it accepts.

Initially i thought its a IP Phone button issue so i replaced the phone and even then the problem was same.At the same time if enter the FAC key it takes correct numeric that means there is no issue with ip phone.

I need to know why this password issue only when i try to join the audio bridge becuase which we are not able to join the conference.

Please help.

Thanks & Regds,


Cisco Employee

Re: Conference Phone (Audio bridge) Password Issue

Hi Lalit,  There is no simple answer in this case, but I think that the best thing here is to narrow down where the problem might be. First of all, you have to understand what is the topology between the IP Phone and Audio Bridge.  For example, it could be something like this:  IP Phone--- CUCM----Gateway-----PSTN----external audio bridge  In this scenario, you could collect the sniffer trace of the Gateway where you should be able to see what are the digits that the Gateway is receiving from the IP Phone. If you see the correct password, the problem might be on the Gateway or PSTN. If the problem the scenario above is before hit the GW, it could be something wrong with the IP Phone.  You could also try to call some other number that would require you to enter DTMF to verify if you experience the same problem or not.  Thanks,  Marcos

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