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Configuration does not take effect CUCM 7.1.5

hi all,

i have a CUCM 7.1.5 cluster (1 PUB and 2 SUB), i had all phones ( currently 30) registred in the PUBLISHER wih is also the 1st TFTP server.

i had noticed some radom problems shuch as:

    - sometime new configuration on phones does not take effect even after resenting the and restarting TFTP sevice

    - some phone once they logout their device profile, the phone display an other phone configuartion wich not compatible with it config in CUCM

    - some other phone keep  the device profile parametres after logout, howver the Phone secreen show that the device profile had been unloaded.

i don't what could cause those kind of problem, do i have a database problem? and how can i deal whit this?

thx for valuable help

best regards,


Hi Omar,

Make sure all changes are made on the Publisher? If you make changes on the Subscriber they will not take effect as they do not have write access to the database.

Can you confirm that you are making changes on the Pub?




hi stowelp,

yes i do confirm that i make changes in the publisher, i even get the message "Update Successful"


we have faced same issue with 6.x, and the root cause was dbreplication issue due to link failure between ccm pub n sub. use rtmt n check db replication realtime status n report. check bug toolkit for ur cucm version too.

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i checked replications on the 3 servers, it's in "good" state on all of them and the have the same Number of Replicates Created.


what is the complete call manager version you are running?

Do you face the issue all the time or is it intermittent?

When the issue occurs, can you check your DB replication status? you check this under Cisco Unified Reporting >> Cisco DB Status


hi raies,

thx for your response

im running version, i m facing this issue intermittently. it happened this morning when i checked the DB replication it was good.


Please raise a TAC case to investigate this further


I had this same issue once where DB Replication was fine but phones did not get updates.  Turns out the RIS service was the culprit.  You can try to restart it but sadly I've found that generally a cluster reboot is in order.

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hi uscitizen,

do you mean "Cisco RIS DATA Collector"? is restart it resolve the issue? because i already reboot the whole the cluster but it did not resolve the issue.


Sounds to me like you need to have TAC look at this issue.  Without some more detailed analysis I cannot say what is going on.  However, I will share what comes to my mind as troubleshooting steps that I would take next.

  • Check connectivity between the Call Manager(s) and the switches.  Is there a half-duplex link somewhere?
  • What is the latency between the servers?  Is it under 80ms?
  • Are you on the most recent patch level CUCM 7.1(5)?  Sometimes small things like this are fixed in SU's.
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