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configuration file not found

hey all 

please help me in this issue 

i just made this configuration on router 2921 for CME 

voice register global
mode cme
source-address port 5060
max-dn 100
max-pool 100
load 7821 sip78xx.10-3-1-12.loads
load 8831 sip8831.9-3-3-5.loads
timezone 31
date-format D/M/Y
voicemail 7111
url authentication
tftp-path flash:
create profile sync 0020854218236326

when i entered the commend  tftp-path flash:

CME(config-register-global)#tftp-path flash:
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SIPDefault.cnf (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/syncinfo.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/softkeyDefault.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/softkeyDefault_kpml.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/featurePolicyDefault.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/jabber-config.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D071B47.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D071B24.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D072ED2.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D072ECB.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D071B7E.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D070F35.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D070F9B.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D071B37.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D072EB7.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D070F36.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D07106F.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D071B42.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D070F8B.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D070F0D.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D071B48.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D072EBC.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D071B7A.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D072EAF.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D072EC0.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D0719C9.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D0719E3.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D072EE8.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D070146.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D070147.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D070141.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D070F7E.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D070F81.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D072F39.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D072E9D.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D070F3C.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D071286.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D072F76.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D071B62.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D072EB0.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D071B3A.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D071BE2.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D071B49.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D071BBB.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D072E80.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEP1CE85D072E78.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting system:/cme/sipphone/SEPAC44F2124537.cnf.xml (Invalid argument)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SIPDefault.cnf (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/syncinfo.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/softkeyDefault.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/softkeyDefault_kpml.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/featurePolicyDefault.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/jabber-config.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D071B47.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D071B24.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D072ED2.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D072ECB.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D071B7E.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D070F35.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D070F9B.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D071B37.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D072EB7.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D070F36.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D07106F.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D071B42.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D070F8B.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D070F0D.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D071B48.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D072EBC.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D071B7A.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D072EAF.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D072EC0.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D0719C9.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D0719E3.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D072EE8.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D070146.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D070147.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D070141.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D070F7E.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D070F81.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D072F39.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D072E9D.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D070F3C.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D071286.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D072F76.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D071B62.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D072EB0.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D071B3A.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D071BE2.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D071B49.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D071BBB.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D072E80.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEP1CE85D072E78.cnf.xml (File not found)
%Error deleting flash:/its/SEPAC44F2124537.cnf.xml (File not found)

and when i entered show flash i found the cnf file . XML

CME#show flash: | in SEP
306 3938 Apr 3 2016 11:50:12 +00:00 its/SEP1CE85D071B47.cnf.xml
307 3939 Apr 3 2016 11:50:12 +00:00 its/SEP1CE85D071B24.cnf.xml
308 3950 Apr 3 2016 11:50:14 +00:00 its/SEP1CE85D072ED2.cnf.xml
309 3932 Apr 3 2016 11:50:14 +00:00 its/SEP1CE85D072ECB.cnf.xml
310 3933 Apr 3 2016 11:50:14 +00:00 its/SEP1CE85D071B7E.cnf.xml
311 3924 Apr 3 2016 11:50:14 +00:00 its/SEP1CE85D070F35.cnf.xml
312 3925 Apr 3 2016 11:50:14 +00:00 its/SEP1CE85D070F9B.cnf.xml
313 3932 Apr 3 2016 11:50:16 +00:00 its/SEP1CE85D071B37.cnf.xml
314 3931 Apr 3 2016 11:50:16 +00:00 its/SEP1CE85D072EB7.cnf.xml
315 3933 Apr 3 2016 11:50:16 +00:00 its/SEP1CE85D070F36.cnf.xml
316 3933 Apr 3 2016 11:50:16 +00:00 its/SEP1CE85D07106F.cnf.xml
317 3932 Apr 3 2016 11:50:16 +00:00 its/SEP1CE85D071B42.cnf.xml
318 3933 Apr 3 2016 11:50:18 +00:00 its/SEP1CE85D070F8B.cnf.xml
319 3932 Apr 3 2016 11:50:18 +00:00 its/SEP1CE85D070F0D.cnf.xml
320 3931 Apr 3 2016 11:50:18 +00:00 its/SEP1CE85D071B48.cnf.xml
321 3932 Apr 3 2016 11:50:18 +00:00 its/SEP1CE85D072EBC.cnf.xml
322 3932 Apr 3 2016 11:50:18 +00:00 its/SEP1CE85D071B7A.cnf.xml
323 3932 Apr 3 2016 11:50:20 +00:00 its/SEP1CE85D072EAF.cnf.xml
324 3932 Apr 3 2016 11:50:20 +00:00 its/SEP1CE85D072EC0.cnf.xml
325 3931 Apr 3 2016 11:50:20 +00:00 its/SEP1CE85D0719C9.cnf.xml
326 3932 Apr 3 2016 11:50:20 +00:00 its/SEP1CE85D0719E3.cnf.xml
327 3932 Apr 3 2016 11:50:20 +00:00 its/SEP1CE85D072EE8.cnf.xml
328 3931 Apr 3 2016 11:50:22 +00:00 its/SEP1CE85D070146.cnf.xml
329 3932 Apr 3 2016 11:50:22 +00:00 its/SEP1CE85D070147.cnf.xml

then i entered more flash commend  to see the details it gave me (file not found)

CME#more flash:SEP1CE85D071B47.cnf.xml
%Error opening flash0:SEP1CE85D071B47.cnf.xml (File not found)

i already copped the firmware to flash and then i made tftp-server flash:


Please share voice register

Please share voice register pool settings.

- Vivek


voice register dn 2 number

voice register dn 2
number 2000
call-forward b2bua busy 7111
call-forward b2bua noan 7111 timeout 10
name 04Z-(2)

voice register pool 2
busy-trigger-per-button 2
id mac 1CE8.5D07.1B47
session-transport tcp
type 7821
number 1 dn 2
dtmf-relay rtp-nte sip-kpml
voice-class codec 1
description 04Z-(2)
no vad




Please after putting the command TFTP-PATH FLASH

put Create profile under voice register global  and then reset

Please rate if it help.



thanks dear but i tried this

thanks dear but i tried this to do no create profile and then put create profile 

but the problem didn't solve :)


Does config includes

Does config includes 'registrar server' command?

Also share the output of show voice register tftp-bind, debug ccsip messages, debug tftp packets and debug tftp events.

- Vivek

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