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Configuring Extension Mobility on CUCM 11.x, is voicemail supported


Does Extension Mobility support voicemail\forwarding to voicemail?

We are still running UCCX CAD agents, but will be moving to Finesse soon.

I've been told Voicemail is not supported with Extension Mobility Devices\Agent that belong to Teams, with skills.

I don't have a lot of Agents that have Voicemail attached to their Extensions, but I have a few.

Is this a case where it's not supported, but it works?

We've ended up giving Users a second Extension that doesn't have Voicemail as a Primary Extension and making their line with Voicemail the Second line in their profile.

Seems like a waist of Extensions giving all these users two lines and it also gets confusing knowing how to contact users that have two extensions...

Looking for input




piyush aghera

When  a user works as an agent (part of any skill group or queue) and has voice mail, then such user gets two ring out no answer time - one from skill group / queue and other from DN's VM configuration, which means system will take the lower RONA timer of the two.  So either skill group / queue RONA will work or VM timeout will work.  

Hence agents who have voice mail conflicts with contact centres.

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