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Configuring PAP2T for alarm monitoring

Hello.  I have an alarm system set in one of our comapny buildings.  I have a SIP Server running in another.  These two buildings' networks have different public, static IP addresses.  I want to set up the PAP2T so that, when an alarm event occurs, the alarm system sends the signals to the PAP2T.  The PAP then packages the signals using the SIP protocol and then sends them to our SIP server.  The SIP Server forwards the call to a Adtran TA904 VoIP Gateway, which then converts the signals to analog and sends them to our alarm reciever.

I have gotten as far as registering the PAP with the SIP Server, but no signals are getting through, and the alarm panel keeps reporting "FC" or failure to communicate.  When I trigger an alarm event, I can see through the PAP web interface the call being made, but the SIP never gets it.  What am I doing wrong?

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