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Confusing DMA output

I am currently migrating a Unified CallManager cluster 4.2(3) to Unified Communications Manager 6.1(3) during this process I receive the following output:

DMA Validation

There is a mismatch between the ServerName in the DMA File (Windows DB) and the IP address of this machine. Install will remap the ServerName to

I have read through the documentation and understand that due to the reconfiguration of the ServerName to IP address that this message will occur, remove DNS reliance. What I cannot understand is is my FTP server address which has never been configured in the CallManager database?

If I select proceed the migration is successful and the first node has the correct IP address of


Re: Confusing DMA output

What was the hostname of windows cucm ?

what is the hostname now?

Same IP addresses?

at which stage youre seeing this error?

during DMA import while installing 6.1.3 and importing data?

If all is good i think you should be ok.

Re: Confusing DMA output

Many thanks for your reply.

The version 4.2(3) servername was configured to an IP address to remove DNS reliance, the hostname was BHO-PUB.

During the installation of CUCM 6.1(3) the hostname was configured to be BHO-PUB with an IP address of, the same address as before. Yes the mismatch was reported during the DMA import. The DMA file is stored on a server, using FTP to transfer the file. My confusion is why would the DMA refer to the FTP server's IP address for remaping.

The cluster is up and working with no apparent problems.

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