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Nicholas Wysocki

How do I setup the directory to use https?

On the remote phones termination to a phone-proxy (ASA5510) I can access the directory from the phone on port 80.

I then opened up for 443 for https. i can access the xml data via web browser from a computer but i have to accept the cert. I set the path of the phone to use https, but it cant access the directory. how do i get the phone to accept the cert?

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Jonathan Schulenberg
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Well first a bit of preaching: Phone Proxy was never intended to allow XML-based services to work because it is not recommended to expose any part of your CUCM servers to the Internet directly. This was a solution limitation because the ASA essentially lies and claims to be a UCM server running in mixed mode. The TLS session for SCCP and RTP was not designed to work across the internet so anything beyond signaling and media were never considered. This has been solved in the new SSL-based Phone VPN solution.

Having said that, SSL support was added beginning in UCM 8.0(1) using the Trusted Verification Service. In theory, a properly configured UCM 8 with phones running 9.0 or later firmware could perform SSL-based directory and other services. To my knowledge, there is no documentation walking you through this though.

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