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Corporated Directory missing on all phones from the Directory key


The Corporate Directory is suddenly missing from all phones corporate wide.


Jaime Valencia
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Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

make sure the enterprise parameter for directories uses IP address and not hostname



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if this helps, please rate

Hi java,

i got the same issue, some of my users don't display corporate directories and I checked the enterprise parameters>phone url parameters, it uses ip address rather than hostname. Are there any workaround on this?


Yes, I had to restart all the servers, apparantly CTI Manager is not responding, and the database is out of synch. Rebooting fixed it.

you can restart the RIS Data Collector service as well. If that doesn't work, you can restart CTI Manager and Telephony Call Dispatcher. The last two servers are related to IPCC as well, so if you restart those, make sure you do it after hours.

Also keep an eye out for this on gen-four hardware (79x5, 79x2). There was a default firmware load around UCM 6.1(2) that caused all XML pages that included menu selections not to load including the corporate directory and extension mobility. If you see this you just need to apply newer firmware. Sorry I don't have the defective firmware version memorized.

Hi Folks,

Have same issue no corporate directory or extension mobility service displaying, wondering has anyone a solution, or the problematic firmware ver. Using CUCMBE 6.1(2)

Problem is some phones display these fine but the majority do not. Have reset phones, restarted UCM, added directories url's individually to the phone configuration, restarted the services mentioned in the posts all to no avail. The enterprise parameter is correct and I can browse to the urls fine. The phones have web access enabled and the phone loads are also the same however the strange thing is a small majority display ext mobility and corporate directory fine and are configured exactly the same as the phones which do not. Help appreciated, Thanks in advance

Scuzzlightyear -

Any resolution ?



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