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CP-7936 Soft Keys not working when off hook (CUCM 10.5)


We are currently upgrading our phone system from call manager 9.1 to 10.5. During this we have discovered that a particular conference phone model (CP-7936) is no longer able to use any soft keys function when the device is off hook (hold\transfer\conference). When the phone is on hook, all the soft keys work (corp directory \ phone book). The phone model works properly once added back to the 9.1 call manager with no unusual configuration (tested with several 7936) and i have compared the 9.1 configuration with our 10.5 to ensure nothing was accidently selected.

Current phone config information:

App Load ID: 7936.3-3-21-0 (shows to be most recent version)

SW Version: 3.3(21.00.0003)


Gordon Ross

Sounds like a bug in the firmware that ships with 10.5. I had a quick scan of BugTrack and couldn't see anything.


Force the phone to use the firmware that was in 9.1.



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We checked the firmware version and they show to be the same for both call managers. We are going to try changing it to an older version and see how that goes, thanks for the reply.


Was there any resolution of follow-up with this issue?  I have the same problem.

I captured several wire shark traces for them from our 9.1 and 10.5 call managers showing the phone operating properly on the 9.1 and then getting no signals when the soft keys were pushed on the 10.5. They finally sent me an email stating that those phones were not support on the 10.5 and pretty much dropped it. By this point we had sent off for new conference phones so I didn't push the issue. But no, no resolution at this point, good luck.

7936 is EOL/EOS product. It went end of software maintenance back in 2011.

Unfortunately it has never been tested to work with10.X version and no further improvements can be carried out.



Aditya Gupta


This is CSCut82604: 7935/7936 unable to perform conference or transfer after 10.5 upgrade.  Will be fixed in CUCM 10.5(2)SU2


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