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CP-8800-Audio 28 Button Key Expansion Module

Is there external documentation available for the CP-8800-Audio 28 Button KEM and possible use cases for it? I noticed it as an available device in the Module drop down menu on CUCM ver 11.5 su3a. Want to know how it is different from BEKEM 36-button expansion module.


There are some slides in the partner side of the community. Basically they are

1) Thinner and leaner

2) Will support ELM enhanced line mode

3) Have a bend to better align with the 8845/65

4) Button layout is different vs today where you have buttons on both sides and wasted space at the bottom also resulting in truncated labels, these are vertical with 14 buttons instead of 18 today. So while one can argue you lost some buttons, you make it up due to the ELM mode on the phone


Just a quick one,  There isn't any info on on this, but have managed to find some info on salesconnect. Just wanted to confirm the CUCM / Device Package / Firmware Compatibility - the partner deck shows CUCM 10.5.2 - our customer is running 11.0.

Going through Device Packages the latest DP is the first to make any reference to the new KEMs  - "QED checkin for CP-8800-A-KEM and CP-8800-V-KEM"

The 8800 11.5 firmware release notes also provides support for the enhanced line support which the new Expansion Modules support.

Piecing the jigsaw together, if we go with DP 11.0.1_24081-1 and the latest 8800 firmware 12.0.1SR1 we should be good?



I just installed the latest DevPack for CUCM10.5.2 to see if it would add support the 28 button audio KEM.  It was a craps shoot because release notes does not mention it nor does the endpoint compatibility matrix.  It did the trick - the new KEM is now an option for 8851 Expansion Module config.  Here's what else I found.  Yes, the Enhanced Line Mode is now an option as well.  But even when not selected, the button configuration notes the Add on Module configuration starts on button 10.  Understand that this is misleading if you do not have ELM configured.  But here's the other thing (IMPORTANT).  When "CP-800-Audio-28-Button Key Expansion Module" is selected, you MUST ALSO set the "One Column Display for KEM" to ENABLED.



1. For CUCM 10.5.2 - the latest DevPack adds support for the CP-8800-A-KEM (plus V model and 8832 conf phone)

2. You must enable One Column Display for KEM or the CP-8800-A-KEM won't work.

3. If the Line Mode is set to the default "Session Line Mode" KEM button configuration still begins on button 6 - in spite of the fact that the ----- Add on Module(s) ---------- indicates that it starts on button 11 (probably a bug)

4. If If the Line Mode is set to "Enhanced Line Mode" KEM button configuration begins on button 11 as indicated.


The other thing I haven't investigated very much is how this impacts existing phone button templates.  May have to create some new ones.

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