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Creating an opeing greeting in CCM and CUCM

                   I'd like to create a system that plays a Personal Recording before forwarding the call to Hunt pilot. I can't see a way in CUCM to pass the call onto a directory numbe on CCM rather than a CUCM user/callhander/directory handler etc.

Is it possible?

Thanks, Tim

Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

No, you forcefully need to use CUC/CUE/Unity/UCCX/UCCE for that purpose.

Play the greeting in the other system, and then send it back to CUCM.



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Lots of acronyms there! Am I right in thinking

CUC = Cisco Unity Connection
CUE = Cisco Unity Express
UCCX = Unified Contact Communications Centre Express
CUCCE = Unified Contact Communications Centre Enterprise

OK, We have Unified CM 7.1.5 and Unity Connection 7.1.5 so by what you have said it should be possible.

How do I do it?

David Hailey

You can set up a CTI Route Point in CUCM to route the calls to that number to a Call Handler in Unity Connection. On the call handler, you'll need to record the greeting and then perform a transfer from Unity Connection to the hunt pilot.


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I've got that far, its how I transfer from Unity Connection to the Hunt Pilot?

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Tim,

Nice job on the acronyms! There are certainly many in the Cisco world

and IT in general

Let's say the listed DN for the Hunt Group is 6000 for our example.

You would create a new CTI-RP (CTI Route Point) in CUCM with the DN of 6000

have it set to CFWDALL to Unity Connection via the DN page of the CTI-RP.

This gets all calls for 6000 heading to Unity Connection.

You will now create a new Hunt Pilot/Hunt Group etc. in CUCM we'll use 4444

for our example.

Then in CUC create a new Call Handler with the extension set as 6000. Record a new

custom greeting for 6000 that plays the script you want.

The easiest way to now get the calls from CUC @ the 6000 Call Handler to the Hunt

Group @ 4444 is to offer a Caller Input, lets say Press 1 so you set press 1 to Transfer

to Alternate Contact number which is set up as 4444. Another way to get calls from CUC

to 4444 is to use the "after greeting action".

Hope this makes some sense



EDIT: well....I've been trumped once again by my friend Hailey. Great to see you here

buddy, and sweet reply for Tim as well (+5!). I think we were both on the same track here

"Why not help one another on the way" - Bob Marley

I'd rather not rely on Caller Input.

The After Greeting action doesn's seem to have an option to just transfer to a directory number on CUCM
After Greeting
Call Action - Hang Up; Restart; Greeting; Route From Next Call Routing Rule; Take Message 
Call Handler
Interview Handler
Directory Handler
User with Mailbox

Am I missing that bit?

It kinda looks like you should use Transfer Rules as that allows transfer to an extension outside of Unity but I don't understand how you implement them.


You need one more step...

1. Create a CH, call it XfertoCUCM or any suitable name

2. On the CH, go to transfer rules, click on the standard rule or you can use the closed rule if you want it active all the time. Here uncheck transfer to greetings and select transfer to extension. Put the extension you want the call transfered to here

3. Now to back to the first CH which you have already done that plays the greeting, set the after greeting action to "call handler" seelct the call handler you created above and make sure you check the button "attempt transfer"

SO in a nutshell here is what your flow looks like

call come in to cucm, it sent to unity connection..The first CH plays a recording, then after that it is sent to a second call handler which then transfer the call to the intended destination

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Good approach guys! (Plus five!)


Try select User with Mailbox - You will allow the Ubity send the call to the user that you specify.

Bruno Rangel
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Steve Snodgrass

Hey guys, I just wanted to say thanks for this thread, because I have exactly the same problem.  In fact I had already considered aokanlawon's double call handler solution, but it seemed liked too much of a hack.  So it's nice to see some confirmation that you really have to do that.  Why there isn't a transfer option on the after greeting call action is beyond me.

My call will be bouncing around the system like a crazed monkey, but at least it will work! 

Hi Guys, this is the exact requirement because of which we are upgrading from UC560 to BE6000. I see this is an older thread, but would you be able to advise if this can be implemented using a simple/different method. The requirement is:

When a call comes in, a greeting should be played out and then transferred to a call blast group. (the point being, all the people calling in are of very old age, hence they shouldn't be required to press any key but rather just wait for the audio greeting to finish and then get transferred to a call blast group.)


Would really appreciate your advise as this is a very big investment we are making for just this single feature.


Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Yes, configuring that behavior is really simple.



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you mean by the method mentioned by Ayodeji ?

The point being I cannot try this until I get my hands on BE6000, hence needed clarity on 'how to' as I'm documenting it in our upgrade document.

Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Yes, send call to CUC, play greeting on one CH, set after greeting action to 2nd CH which has transfer to a HP in CUCM.



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