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CSS error


CM version 4.1-3

I have an issue with a CSS.

CSS_PRI has two partitions



I have about 100 phones with the DN in PT_ALL and a CSS of CSS_PRI and thy can all call each other fine.

one of the phones in PT_ALL can not be dialled by other phones with the CSS of CSS_PRI. Just get NU

it only works if I create a Translation pattern for the number in PT_private and forward it out with a css they does not include the PT_private partition

so for some reason when dialling this one extension the css must see the number in the PT_private partition. I have searched cm and can't find any instance of it in that partition could it be stuck somewhere?


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Is it the same DN? for example 1000 in PT_private and 1000 in PT_ALL ?

If that is your case then is working as designed you will only reach 1000 in PT_Private and never 1000 in PT_ALL

If that is not our case, then perhaps you could elaborte, include extensions, partitions, css, etc. as much details as possible, it would be better if you could also include a CCM detailed trace of the call.


the DN = 500


all phones have the CSS that can see PT_ALL

and PT_Private

there is only one instance of the DN 500 and thats in PT_ALL. but phone cannot dial it unless I put the number in PT_Private

like I say its only this one number all other phones are the same.

trace file on its way

Have you confirmed through the route-plan report that there is no orphan DN500 other than that in PT_ALL?

You should only see one instance, not including the translation if present. There is a DN500 that is not associated with the phone, and is not the translation then you should delete, it should not be active anyway.

Hope this helps



checked all CM and there is not orphan DN500 anywhere, looking through the CCM trace I can see the following line

"Found intercept table entry for DN = 500:PT_Private"

so it look like CM still thinks DN:500 is in the PT_Private PT

how do I remove this?

Go to the Route Plan Report and make a search for all the patterns that contain 500.

As suggested you should also check if you do not have orphan DN's, in the same report you can make a search for unassigned DN's, delete all the results.

Jaime Valencia
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Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

usually info stays in cache, i'd suggest a reboot if you have already checked there are no other 500 DN within the dial plan



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